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Cardinal Sin

This design came about when Richard Taylor was thinking about a new boat in June 2006.

He sold his Pasta Frenzy The Spanish Inquisition and set to work. What he wanted was something very Slug-like, but with a little more buoyancy at the back end to help reduce low-speed tail-sinking, especially with the larger helm.

The Cardinal Sins are built by Aardvark Technologies, the builders of successful Cherub Loco Perro.

Here are all the pictures of Cardinal Sin in production we have, automatically pulled from the archive.

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Cardinal Sin News

Cardinal Sin

Richard Taylor, former owner of Italian Bistro 2655 “It's Me Too!” (now Monkey Magic) and Pasta Frenzy The Spanish Inquisition has collaborated widely with the class to create his first design, called Cardinal Sin. This Slug-inspired vessel has been in build at Aardvark Technologies, and everything is being built from female moulds to facilitate production of Cardinal Sins.


The plug nearing completion.


During fairing.


The deck mould looking like it might have been made at Smilie Marine!


“To the Bat-Skiff, Robin!” (said Batman)

Aardvark Technologies are taking orders for Cardinal Sins now, but they are incredibly busy so if you want one, don't be shy!


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