In the beginning, AquaMarina was owned by Phil Alderson

AquaMarina is a Paterson 7 design and was launched in 2001. The outside shell was built by Bloodaxe boats in foam carbon construction vacuum bagged over a male mould. I then took the boat Up to Aberdeen and put in the false floor, bulkheads and fore deck all built in foam carbon but not vacuum bagged. The boat currently has 4Kg of correctors to bring it up to the minimum weight of 50Kg. The boat is built slightly differently from the rest of the P7's in that it has tubular wings with a gap between the hull and the wing. This was done to save a bit of weight and reduce the wave drag by eliminating the flares. They have the advantage of being easy to trapeze from and give you a half trapeze position from the inner gunwale which is particularly useful downwind. They also let you climb into the boat from between the wings.

The centreboard is from Bloodaxe and there are two rudders both home built in foam carbon one standard dagger rudder and one T-foil rudder similar to that used on the International 14's

The boat has a CST twin spreader carbon mast the upper shrouds are adjustable on the water for power control with a carbon Kevlar boom and Carbon spinnaker pole. The only other rig controls that are adjustable on the water are the Down haul which is lead out to the front of the wings on each side and the kicking strap which is lead to a swivel cleat in the centre of the boat with the control line dead ended onto the mainsheet. The standing rigging is all set with pins and the rig tension is set on the shore with a boat breaker.

The sails are from RMW marine and were bought just before the nationals in 2004 they are built to the 12.5sqm rule and have not been heavily used. There is also an older set from Batt sails which have seen quite a lot of use. The Jib is self tacking and the main has a large roach and square top for more power. There is also a galvanized steel road trailer with launching trolley and a top cover.


The Patterson 7 design has been quite successful with 4 National Wins for Andy Patterson and a P7 123 at the 2004 nationals in Weymouth It is especially quick in light winds compared to other cherubs.



For more of an idea of quite how much fun this boat can be then have a look at some short videos

  • Aqua Madness 1.1Mb Quicktime 1.1Mb Courtesy of UK Cherub Class Association
  • Dalgety Bay1 Windows Media player ┬ęDick Alderson 2003
  • Dalgety Bay2 Windows Media Player ┬ęDick Alderson 2003

Lucy Lee and Will Lee bought Aquamarina in April 2005, and took advantage of the fantastic rig, winged rudder and general well sorted outness of the boat to sail pretty hard in twin wire mode. After coming 4th, and first 97 rules boat, at the 2005 Nationals in New Quay, Wales, they sold the boat to Andy Lang on the last day!

Once the boat was in Andy Lang's hands, she got a lot of sailing in in Netley and then in Plymouth, as that is where Andy studies.


Going home from New Quay

Aqua has now been treated to a 21sqm RS800 kite. The pole has been lengthened to 10ft to accomodate this beast! So now hopefully she will be quick downwind as well as upwind.


The kite is now fully mast head, and the poles been stiffened by laying some beefy Uni-D carbon along it & then a layer of 45/45 twill carbon with a half overlap around the pole. Ive cut out a chunk of the bulkhead to allow the pole to retract fully, & sanded a bit out of the snout.


lengthened & Uni-d ready


Cutting wheelie bars (600mm extension)



  • Name: AquaMarina
  • Designs: Paterson 7(Tubular)
  • Construction: Foam Carbon hull from Bloodaxe Boats finished off with separate tubular wings and no flares
  • Location: Destroyed by fire in a garage in France
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