Second Hand Boat List

Not all the Cherubs that are available make it to the for sale list, if you are looking for a boat it is worth saying hello on the forum as well as viewing the adverts below. In addition to helping you find the correct, a post on the forum is also the easiest way of find a test sail at a club near you.

Ray Jones & Clare Christian - Gorleston

Easy Tiger

Hull design: Foreman 8

91 rules boat, repainted and revarnished after rescue from being abandoned in a boat park. Main, jib and spinnaker acquired to replace lost items. Comes with combi trailer but no cover.

Located: Grafham SC. £600.



Atum Bom 2688 is reluctantly for sale. Been garage stored for the last 6 years but it's time she moved on to be sailed again.

Double nationals winning Slug design 05 rules boat. Built by Bloodaxe and the Lee's

Comes with:

  • C-Tech Carbon Mast
  • 3 Jibs (training, better, best)
  • 3 Kites (2 original Fyfes, 1 North VGC)
  • 3 Mainsails (training, better, best)
  • T-foil rudder
  • Bloodaxe Carbon Centerboard (small repair needed to the bottom)
  • Road trailer and Launching trolley
  • Top and bottom covers
  • Carbon Boom

Great package ready to race and go fast in a decent breeze.

Located Hampshire £3,500

Natural Born Skiffeurs is for sale after living abroad in Brittany, Fr.

The hull is a modified Slug design, inline with the '05 rules. Built by Ghislain Devouton.

Since returning to the UK the committee, have sailed the boat to check everything works.

Comes with:

  • C-Tech spars.
  • 1 Main, vgc
  • 1 Jib, gc
  • 2 Kites (training, better(suitable for racing))
  • T-foil rudder & daggerboard
  • Road trailer and Launching trolley
  • Top and bottom covers

Located Hampshire £2,800


Dans Boat

Very quick boat, Inlands overall and winner of Nationals races. Aardvark carbon/foam, very light hull with lots of correctors, recent 2 pack respray, Ctech spars - mast, boom, bowsprit. GP sails main & jib, Hyde kite. Carbon rudder stock, high aspect carbon T foil rudder, carbon/foam professional build daggerboard. Combi trailer. Under and over covers (tatty). Mast has been repaired but well proven racing record post repair.

Located Hampshire £6,500


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