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The fleet is fairly fluid and active. During 2012 at least 14 boats changed ownership. In 2016 8 boats found new homes.

Not all the Cherubs that are available make it to the for sale list, if you are looking for a boat it is worth saying hello on the forum as well as viewing the adverts below. In addition to helping you find the correct, a post on the forum is also the easiest way of find a test sail at a club near you.

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It is in great condition for its age - 55 years old.

There are 6 sails including 2 spinnakers and everything you need to go racing including the spinnaker pole.

It comes with a trailer and cover. I should point out that the tyres on the trailer are perished. They hold air but have slow punctures which go down after about 2 weeks. The trailer uses mini wheels so you may want to bring replacement wheels to transport it home or bring your own trailer. You transport at your own risk.

This is a very rare boat and is an absolute pleasure to sail in. It is very fast and very exhilarating. It can be sailed single handed but is raced by 2 crew. I had the pleasure of competing in an open sea Cherub regatta at Weymouth in the past.

[email protected]

Epoch II


Cherub 2445 probably the last remaining Jennifer Julian. Classic that would suit CVRDA racing year of build about 1975 Symmetric kite huge pole. Trolley & cover, converted to double floor. Must be seen great boat.

  • £400
  • Contact: Paul Berry
  • Currently at West Mersea


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