Easy Tiger

This boat (pka Kokopelli) is a Forman 8 designed by Chris Forman and built in 1984 She was brought up to date in the hull department by Tom Kiddle in 2004, and was bought and renamed by Ray Jones in 2005.

Tom Kiddle and Matthew Kiddle at the 2004 nationals in Weymouth


Tom Kiddle and Lucy Lee Sailing at Carsington


Ray Jones and novice crew Clare Christian off Gorleston

Ray Jones & Clare Christian - Gorleston

A gallery of known photos of this boat, based on the sail number.


Who needs 3 sails?

  • Name: Easy Tiger
  • Designs: Forman 8
  • Builder:
  • Construction: Rebuilt with false floor and asymmetric conversion to 97 rig rules
  • Location: Lowestoft, Suffolk
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