UK-Cherub Class

Get Your Heart Racing

Ray Jones

On retiring from the RAF in 2005, I decided to try boatbuilding as a second career. This entailed a move to Lowestoft ( with my partner and sharp-ender Hayley Parks ) and taking a year out to do a full time course. It also meant we no longer had access to the RAF fleet - so we had to buy our own!

We decided to move up to a trapeze boat to stretch ourselves. We didn't realise that getting into the cockpit of a 12 footer would mean shrinking ourselves would be a better option :-)

So, we bought 2622 from Tom Kiddle - and a lovely example of a wooden construction she is.

We now sail at Great Yarmouth & Gorleston SC where we are trying to get to grips with sailing a highly stressed coffee table. (Looks brilliant, turns heads at the club - and even a coffee table will fly - if you have the necessary skill :-D)

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