This Bistro is owned by Ewan Harris and lives in Essex. “Its Meetoo” moved into Ben Brown's garden in January 2006 and quickly became “Monkey Magic” before moving into the garage for conversion to 97/05 rules.

Ewan purchased Billy Woods Fyfe/C-tech rig in late 2005. During the winter, the plan is to remove the impressive aluminium space frame, grow a snout and add few other sexy things including an self tacking jib. Keep watching!


Before 1.


Before 2.


Before 3.

Oh look at all those hatch covers!!!

During 1.

Note the new midline launch tube, lack of flare in front of the shrouds, new 'batswing' mini foredeck and absence of the alyy spaceframe. And the really really big hatch cover!!


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