Eggbert the Nasty

This boat has quite an amazing story: Built in New Zealand by British prolific Cherub designer and builder Simon Robinson in time for the 1978 World's over there, but rigged with a mast brought over from England on the plane. She then came to the UK and has been going ever since.

Simon Robinson remains in touch with the class, though now sails a Flying Fifteen at Kielder Water.

Eggbert the Nasty is a Forman 8 design, Chris Forman being another prolific designer and builder and Simon's Business partner at Spithead Boats.

See the bottom of this page for the latest images of this boat.

Photos: Simon Robinson's archive


1977. Launching of “Eggbert the Nasty” - late 1977, Auckland, NZ. Simon Robinson & Paul Mason. Note the rotating mast.

2535-xxxxxxxx-nz.jpg In New Zealand. The crew is Jim Lamont.


1978. Forman 8s were the culmination of the UK deep vee development line, and very successful.

2535-1978xxxxb.jpg 1978 again

2535-1978xxxxc.jpg 1978 again


“Eggbert the Nasty” being rescued when car got stuck in ford in middle of Kielder Water 1985.

The boat came to the 1995 nationals having been converted to asymmetric, coming 17th.

Bought on ebay by Stuart Hopson. Has now been restored with a false floor. will be the perfect first cherub for someone. pics comming soon…

For sale having had a false floor put in and having been generally sorted out.

Bought by Ben Butler. Spending my little free time getting him/her ready to sail. This is what he/she looks like now! 2535-20061125a.jpg

Jobs done so far:-

  • Made a billet aluminium pulley for main halyard. (I know halyards go against the grain but my club doesn't have much rigging space)
  • Ordered and fitted main halyard and rope/wire jib halyard with a cantilever tension thinghy (Highfield Lever)
  • Made nice big nylon bushes for spinnaker pole for support and ease of deployment

Ok finally managed to get some work done after a trip to Purple Marine . Jib fairleads and cleats now dryfitted just got to epoxy everthing and bolt it all on some work done on the single line pole launch but can't do anymore till the the boat is dried out for the epoxy and the mast put back, up hopfully i'll have her back on the water on the 14th Jan, hopefully with pics and some vids too.

Eggbert the Nasty finally hit the water on Sat 14th. Unfortunatley we forgot to give the camera to anyone before we went out but going out on sat probably so will try to get some pics then. For a first time in a Cherub it probably wasn't the best weather good 4 but shifty with some massive squalls, you guys are probably thinking perfect cherub weather but for someone who hasn't helmed a double hander in ten years or so and with a crew (my Dad, has his free bus pass) who has only sailed single handers for 28 years it was a bit fun epecially without a harness as it wouldn't fir over a his lifejacket (or under as the hook was too high (old windsurfing one)) we didn't do too bad did some good blasting even with out the kite (not fully operational yet). main problem was when we did capsise it was (sod's law) right on top of the old damm. It all happened so quick didn't have time to jump over onto the dagger board so she turtled and got stuck on the bottom. God that water was cold i only have one wetsuit a summer one with no arms, so my muscles froze up while trying to manover around. Once she was out of the mud she came up like a dream but we I had to go in due to the fact i could bareley move. Were going to go out again but got asked to put on another rescue boat as the squalls were getting worse.

Hopefully will get the kite rigged up on sat and i'll get some pictures posted.

Quick note for Stu you'll be pleased to know that the floor didn't leak and the water runs straight off so a job well done

Jobs still to do:-

  • Finish spinaker rigging
  • Make shute for above (comes halfway down boat)
  • Add some grip to floor (it's slippier than a bananna skin on an ice rink)
  • Practice
  • Practice
  • Practice

Latest pics. Still non of me on the water never seems to be anyone around with a camera!



  • Boat was not fully rigged at this point just taken cover off hense the mess!
  • Addition of cascade to kicker( it actually has an effect now got the best sail shape so far today) now a whopping 6:1 (I think)
  • Dogged end to dagger board (damm submerged cattle walls!)
  • Washing tablet bags for halyards as per Dr Lee's suggestion
  • Old tiller extension as per tips page (now replaced see pic below)
  • Black duct tape to stop water going under the floor as it has split away from side taks due to repeated impact from feet cause off slippy foor (next project possibly this week, new product found will let you know how it performs)


Brought the boat home to repair all the damage that I and my various crews have inflicted will also be adding a kickbar and putting in the non slip on the floor below are a few pics of the work as done so far.

2535-20070401a.jpg2535-20070401b.jpg2535-20070401c.jpg2535-20070401d.jpg 2535-20070401e.jpg2535-20070401f.jpg2535-20070401g.jpg2535-20070401h.jpg

Anti slip applied and ready for red finish


Boat now finished and some pics of me sailing in bugger all wind


2535-20070425b.jpg2535-20070425c.jpg 2535-20070425d.jpg2535-20070425e.jpg

also found out we can go upwind and tack with an asymetric lol!

Boat is off the water for some long needed TLC. All Woodwork has been stripped and treated to 8 coats of some water thin epoxy primer. All holes have been repaired, the scource of the major leak has been repaired it's now just awaiting a fresh coat of red paint and a few coats of varnish and a bit of new rope.

A few pics taken in poor light with a phone will get some better ones soon.

2535-14410d.jpg 2535-14410e.jpg 2535-14410f.jpg



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