The Flying Trifle


This boat (latterly known as “Oops (Again!)”) is the first of the trifle designs. This boat benefits from “turbo chines”, rumoured to have been created by some nutter getting medieval with rear end with a chainsaw!

The owners have been John Lobb / Martin Harrison, Daryl Wilkinson who sold it to Neil Cardno and now Roland Trim, bought her about four hours after the boat was put up for sale. Is this a record? This boat is somewhere in the flat-lands and hopefully we will hear more from her shortly.

The boat had a fair bit of modernisation with the Trims, including:

  1. Added a tin mast.
  2. Adapted an RS600 carbon mast to fit.
  3. Made the boat a bit softer on by alterations to save our knees.
  4. Removed the mainsheet post and obstructive castle.
  5. Made a set of sails (these were totalled by flying teenagers).
  6. Made a 3.5m pole.
  7. Added the “baby” - an RS800 kite with added grin factor.
  8. Added a 12ft skiff white sail set to bring her to roughly 05 rules.


Photo of the boat with John Lobb / Martin Harrison original paint job:


Photo of the boat with previous owners “Team Scotland”:




  • Design Flying Trifle (Chris Stimpson)
  • Builder: John Lobb / Martin Harrison 1992
  • Construction: Carbon/Kevlar/GrippyRubber/Foam Sandwich. Bloodaxe foils.
  • Location: Netherlands
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