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Get Your Heart Racing


This page logs the addition of a snout to Oops. It is no fun owning a boat that is not sailable, so the plan is to have it back in the water for Bank Holiday Saturday (25th August). This corresponds to Day 15!

Day 1, Hit 1

Cook dinner for 6 and sit around discussing ways to do the job. Desert of apple pie followed by penning cut lines onto hull.

Day 2, Hit 2

Cut/grind hull. Make cardboard templates. Laminate one side of a piece of foam with weave.

Day 3, Hit 3

Cut sides from foam, and attach to hull using flaps

Day 4, Hit 4

Sand sides, add weave to bottom Attach rear bulkhead

Day 5, Hit 5

Attach front bulkhead and add weave to secure rear bulkhead

Day 7, Hit 6

Top of snout goes on, sand bag ensures everything touches. 2652-20070821e.jpg

Day 8, Hit 7

Sand, sand and more sanding. Add some filler.

Day 9, Hit 7

Outer weave in place and lots of Uni to hold on the front shackle. Unfortunately it was a hot day and the resin started to go sticky before we were finished. Application of balloon and surfboard required to get things to roughly sit where we wanted. This is a bit worrying as if this goes wrong the mast will fall down!



Day 10, Hit -

Laurence visits my parents house and bursts the balloon!

Day 11, Hit -

Wedding anniversary.

Day 12, Hit 8

Do you like bubbles dad? This used to be the most annoying ad on tele, but learn a valuable lesson last night;


Sides of weave were bubled out where it had sagged off whilst drying. Turned boat upside down, cut out weave bubbles, sanded the remaining edges down and re-laminated the sides. Also added a top stringer to the inside of the foredeck and stuck on a non structural extension to the spinni pole.

Not bad for a night both Hayley and I were in work at 8pm (and the garage is 30 minutes from our flat!).

Day 13, Hit 9

Strange rituals outside a semi in suburbia.

No superstition. Just a visit from the good doctors. We left it to Will to beef on his typical rig loading. Last time we let Will tension our rig he broke the front spinni pole bulkhead with the boat breaker, so the hope is that this initial proof load is a good sign. Our aim of sailing on Saturday is almost in reach…


Day 14, Hit 10

Now that we know we are on the right path it's time to tidy up. Hit 10 was simply sanding. Lots of Sanding. Hayley looked like a chimney sweep by the time we left! Bow now also has been blended into the colour scheme.

Bogged a fitting on using a backing plate and sanded down the centreboard.

Day 15, Hit 11


(only snag being no wind at BBSC). Got the boat wet on Sunday, pictures to follow. Roll on Carnac…..

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