Daryl Wilkinson

I've owned two Cherubs so far Flying Trifle and Little Fluffy Clouds, and part funded one Loco Perro. I Started sailing Cherubs back in 93' when I bought Flying Trifle from the Island. I sailed her for about a season after getting back into sailing after a long gap from sailing as a kid, in Mirrors and Toppers. We'd been sailing Laser 2's and the Cherub scared the life out of my, new to sailing, wife! These images help tell the story…

louisewilkinson-20070315a.jpg 2652-20070315a.jpg 2652-20070315b.jpg

2652-20070315c.jpg 2652-20070315d.jpg 2652-20070315e.jpg

So she was sold to Neil Cardno (the boat not the wife). I then had a long gap from Cherubs and sailed various N12, Buzz, Moth, 29er and got back into Cherub's in 2000 / 2001 with LFC after convincing Ben Brown to buy my N12.(we'd sailed her to 4th place in the Admirals Cup at Burton Week so he knew she was fast).

I decided to go at the front end in our team as Ben had had no experience of trapezing and I had been campaigning a Buzz as crew with an ex N12 helm Bridget Kitchingman for the last 2 years with regular top fleet performances. This partnership worked well and we learnt a lot both about sailing and boat building.

2642-20070315a.jpg 2642-20070315b.jpg 2642-20070315c.jpg 2642-20070315d.jpg

At about this time I offered my services as Publicity Officer, as the class was struggling in that department, and well, the class seems to be doing fine now. Go here if you want find out more about what I do Clearthinking Creative

At this time Ben and myself also hatched a plan to build a new boat. This was also a period of great technical change for the class as it was evaluating twin wires. We had been extensively testing the concept and were getting along well but because some rules had not been adopted we decided to go for a WIDE style Cherub more akin to a 12 foot skiff in shape to hedge our bets. And so Loco Perro was born at the hands of Mike Cooke, Ben Brown and myself.

2685-20070315a.jpg 2685-20070315b.jpg

We were both very pleased with the results and after a season of tuning placed 2nd overall at the 2005 National Championships. Not bad for a couple of blokes that live about 100 miles apart and got to sail together about 10 times a year! :-)

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