Little Fluffy Clouds

With many thanks to the good Dr for his guidance and much pride at having got sticky solo, Malcolm and Allan are pleased to be able to say we've fixed Fluffy after “that gust” at the nationals. Pictures of the fix sequence below with a bit of a commentary (with a couple more to follow once I've found the lead for my camera).

Step 1 - Get the Saw Out

2642-20070812a.jpg 2642-20070812b.jpg

And then immediately swap it for a Dremmel.

Step 2 - Clean Out the Foam and Cut an Insert to Shape

Step 3 - Plenty of Bog and Clamp it into Place

Step 4 - Many Thanks Dr Lee: Looking Good

Step 5 - Wait a Month for it to Stop Raining

Using having an outdoor carport as a weak excuse.

Step 6 - Cut an Extra Foam Insert and Bog it in

Many Thanks to Mrs G's hairdryer. Then sand it down to get a nice flat repair.

Step 7 - Get Sticky

Thanks Will and Stu Tinner for the materials. 3 layers of glassfibre and we may have trashed one of Mrs G's nice paintbrushes.

Step 8 - Clamp and Hairdryer/Black Bin Liner Oven

Step 9 - Did It Work?

2642-20070918a.jpg 2642-20070918g.jpg

Haven't loaded it up yet, but it looks hopeful. I guess we'll find out at Brightlingsea!

Many thanks to all those who took them.


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