Hi there,

I've been sailing for a while (well since I was 10) and that means an increaslingly long time these days. Joined the Navy and perhaps counter-intuitively stopped sailing for a few years.

Last year Allan (my brother and other half pair of us currently looking after Little Fluffy Clouds) gave me kick up the bum and pointed out that it'd been far too long and we really ought to get out there.

I'd sailed a couple of cherubs a couple of times before I left school, and after a bit of thinking and the Cherub video for Christmas we got in touch and came under the influence of the Will Lee Enthusiasm Engine. As there's no escape whatsoever from that… we bought Little Fluffy Clouds and finally got out on the water at the 2007 nationals.

Our Cherubbing resolution is to try to break Fluffy less and get out on the water more. Babies, business and trying to do too many sports at once are meaning a slow return, but we are getting there.

Have a look at Fluffy (Little Fluffy Clouds) as she's brilliant.

And in terms of a business plug (as we need to find the money to buy carbon and parts to keep making her lovely somehow) follow this link for our company website. If you know anyone who needs Education Software or Internet/Computer Security products and services then send them our way: www.bluebeamsecurity.com

Give me a shout if I can help, more.

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