The first boat built to the Ellway E6 Evo design.

Launch Weekend

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So this may read like an Oscar acceptance speech, but there are so many people Roland and Hayley really want to thank for their help and input to this boat:

Firstly: Paul Croote and Yeo Valley Joinery - for time, patience, borrow of spray booth, spraying expertise, transport logistics, kite hoop, all-round expertise and being generally wonderful.

And in Alphabetic order: Aardvark/Mike Cooke - for mould hire
Algeos- for super thin pro-grip substitute
Allen - for supply of chandlery stuff
Arup - for supporting the Santander bid
Car Paint Warehouse - for, er, paint
Kevin Ellway - for designing an inspiring machine
Tom Holmes - for sanding services
Stu Hopson for fittings advice
Maff Kiddle for time, advice and reality checks
Tom Kiddle for time, advice, joining us on launch day and precision finger placement/leaky slot assistance
Phil and Sarah Kirk for last minute chandlery loans when the orders didn't arrive on time
Matrix - for supply of materials
Stu Tinner for coming along on launch day and for keeping us smiling
Tim Unerman for materials advice, time and elbow grease
Vizual Impact - for stickers
Ian Wise - for Rhino juggling

Our next door neighbours - for putting up with the noise, dust, smells and occasional swearing.

The Cherub Class as a whole. Because without them none of this would ever have happened. In fact Hayley would never have got in a boat and would certainly never have contemplated building one. Let alone two.

Sorry if anyone has been missed off - the list is by no means exhaustive.



  • Name: EVO
  • Designs: Ellway 6 EVO
  • Builder: The Trims (AKA Bethnal Green Marine)
  • Construction: Carbon
  • Location: Bristol
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