The Ellway 6 EVO was spawned from the Arup Skiff project. This was an attempt to achieve selection for a Cherub derivative as the ISAF Women’s Skiff, selection was won by the 49er FX.

The Ellway 6 EVO is identical below the waterline to an Ellway E6, with key differences being the monocot wing support, a 100mm radius at the shear line, increased flair at the bow, a deeper crew deck and slightly raised wing bars at the stern.

Kevin Ellway's paper on the design considerations behind the E5 and the following E6 are detailed here

Note: Rough moulds for the first Ellway 6 EVO were fabricated in a hurry to prove the Arup Skiff concept could be moulded and more importantly released! The initial Ellway 6 EVO plug utilised a bottom panel derived from the Aardvark E6 tooling. Any further boats will be made from a fresh tooling set.

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