The first and most successful Paterson 7. Built and owned first by Andy Patterson, Dave Ching, Paul Clemments and now Jamie Pearson.


Sails currently are a Dynamic main sail with a spare, low wind main from Rowsell. One Dynamic jib as a spare only, t hree homebrewed jibs, one white (light to medium breeze) and one black (windy weather) one yellow (as yet untested)

Now supporting a turbo foil from Bethnal Green marine with a self build worm screw mechanism.

2015 2015: Sheppey Open Cherub, 1st place

Weston open - 6th

Lord birkett - 1st Cherub

9th in the 2015 Nationals mumbles issuing two races due to a broken rudder.

2016 Major upgrades being: July, Jib track backing plate to allow stopper pins to be used. December, after a trip to the isle of wight, Shiny came back with a LONG board and a new case to suit, as well as a infill plate to resort to the shot board.

8th at 2016 nationals, Missed too many races to silly things happening (gudgeon bush fell out kite launch block fell out.)

2017: With the new board and a few new mains (again, thank you Mr Trim) the new season looks bright for one of the oldest cherubs still doing the circuit. Jamie has a project boom on the way. More to follow.

The images below are automatically pulled from the archive of photos we have. The numbers to the left of the hyphen are the sail number of the boat. Click the image for full size view along with any other information we have about the image.


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