UK-Cherub Class

Get Your Heart Racing

Sweet Dreams

Bought by Matt Harris in late May, is currently at '05 rules with twin wires, Hydes main, Fyfes Jib and monster RS800 Kite. All thats left to finish the '05 upgrade is a snazzy pain job and jobs a good-un!

Bassenthwaite - '09 August Bank Holiday Weekend

First time out this year, full weekends sailing in force 5-6, only breakages 1 crews knee, one tiller extension and the 20 mph barrier. Absolutely stunning weekends sailing, brilliant fun. Going past hiking boats like they were still was ace only beaten by the looks on peoples faces :-D.




Thornbury - '08

Not as much wind as two fat boys could have hoped for but first time out with the new sail plan and managed to not come last in a race too!! Properly loving that kite.

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Sweet Dreams


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  • Builder: Martin Harrison
  • Construction: Kevlar, Carbon & Foam
  • Location: Southport (North West)

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