Well my dads as obsessed with sailing as I am and so the first time I went on a boat was when I was 6 months old in his Swift Catamaran. Since then I got my first boat at about 7 which was a Blue Peter, followed by a topper. It was at this point that the bite for speed got me and I followed the topper with a Dart 15.

When i got to uni I decided I wanted my own boat and it was at this point that I discovered the Cherub and was tempted to get one although my limited funds wouldn't have got me the monster that I was after so instead I opted for a 505. Post uni and with a bit of cash I again contacted the class and went to Bala to have a look as a few boats raced in the Whit Regatta.

That was it i wanted one and around a month later I bought Sweet Dreams from Stu Hopson. After a summer of swimming (my records so far is 15 capsizes in a single race, in a very gusty F5) and a sailing I still think they're an awesome boat, just want more speed so with a bit of luck will try and find myself an '05 rules rig, in the words of Jeremy Clarkson “Power, power, more power”.


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