Suicide Blonde

A Italian Bistro that has had an interesting life including a complete rebuild in 2005 by Iain Christie as documented in Suicide Blonde (The Iain Christie Years) Now under new ownership and starting a new story

2011/12/16 After brushing with Heathrow security Suicide has started another journey North. This time she is only heading as far as Derby (via Bristol). I'm mguessing her new owner will Hop to it to get her sorted and the plan appears to be a return to 97 rules.

25/01/2008 HMMMMM winter time in the north east how to fill in them cold lonely nights more modifactions to my little cherub i think after a successful bloody mary 2008 and mr christie laying down the rules of not beating him in his old boat at the nationals 2008 the motivation was created, all i needed now was bits so far carbon cloth aquired in true geordie style the charm still works resin aquired thanks to work and my other source. left to get some nomex but got a hopefull source, cost free of course fingers crossed. then the fun begins. check back later for more updates.

The new story begins

After buying Suicide from Ian and bringing her to Sunderland and rigging her in the dinghy park to voices of ooh shes very yellow we went out sailing and came back 3 hours later without breaking things and with big smiles.


the voices were in my head you've got to do something to her!!!!

well that was it I thought start small following her major upgrade in 2005 her cover no longer fit. middle life spread and all that so first things first was get a new cover however this seemed a tad expensive so next best thing just make one.

a week and half later and a sore thumb the new cover was ready job done.

More sailing followed over the following weeks and I started making a mental picture of things I like to change over the winter. after a lovely trip to kielder where the wind did its usualy nothing or everything there was a little damage from my crews backside to the side tank. and a rather impressive pitchpole whilst taking it easy on the way in was enough drive for Sucicide's modification weight loss treatment to begin.

First Strip off blocks

2644-20071011a.jpg 2644-20071011b.jpg

Next start removing bits angle grinders away


progip stripped off and paint as a few patches on softness found in falso floor toe strap blocks removed extra weight and they were wood new foam added in damp patches and glassed back over leaks located and sealed.


My collection of carbon tubing offcuts courtesey of hardy's advanced composites handy living 5 miles form them also you can see toe strap points flush to floor


Time for the rudder gantry to undergo weight loss

2644-20071011f.jpg 2644-20071011h.jpg

Mmm centreboard case looks as if it could be a trip hazard safety first


Right Time to start and finish the gantry in comes the carbon tubing

2644-20071011j.jpg finished

2644-20071011k.jpg 2644-20071011l.jpg

Time to make somewhere to store the spinnaker. mmm how to build a spinni sock think need a template luckily the new wners of an RS200 in my club have just upgraded there sock arrangement to the short sock. so the old long sock was donated to the cherub project. After some humming and harring yes the kite fits perfectly down the sock with a slight opening of the mouth.


Boat all finished with more pictures to follow.




Hull-Glass/Kevlar reinforced foam

  • Location: Rolands Driveway
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