I've sailed on and off for my whole life but only started racing dinghies in 2001. I'm a member of Draycote Water SC near my home in Rugby, and I sail two boats there. The first is a Fireball (GBR14612 Mad Scow) which is just great for club racing as we have a big fleet, and I've done quite a few opens as well as National and World Championships (2005). I started Cherub sailing in 2004 when I bought the venerable Team Ecocats 2539 (now Whaaam! and living in France) however I soon realised that I wanted to progress to bigger rigs and more trapezes! I sold Ecocats and rescued 2644 Suicide Blonde from a garden on the South Coast. A quick coat of paint and some tidying up had her sailing again, and a few months later she underwent a major rebuild and conversion to 2005 rules, documented elsewhere on this site.

I did the 2005 Nationals where she won the “Silver Phoenix” for the best restoration, and on to the high point of my sailing career in 2006, when re-badged as 12' Skiff “Team Practicus” we won the 2006 Bartercard 12' Skiff National Championships.

Cherub sailing is unlike any other sailing I have done, and if you like the design/technical aspect of sailing, mixed in with a bit of boat part recycling, plenty of epoxy resin and HUGE amounts of speed offwind, you will not be dissapointed!

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