2011 Cherub Nationals Winners

2011 Cherub National Champioships Winners

  • 1st Overall, Simpson Cup – Graham and Eddie Bridle, Riot Van

Photo - Eddie Mays

  • Best Looking Boat, Cheub Pre- de- Elegance Trophy – Dean Ralph and Simon Jones, Eleanor
  • Best Restoration - Roland and Hayley Trim, Born Slippy
  • Best Improver - Ben Butler and Claire Allen, Slippery When Wet
  • Most Boat destruction, Ashes Trophy – Will Lee (for putting his foot through Flat Stanley’s side tank and tearing Fubar’s forestay through the mast).
  • The team that promised so much but delivered so little – Didgeri-Don’t, Stu Tinner and Nick Pratt, Ronin
  • Best capsize, Davey Trophy – Phil and Sarah Kirk
  • Worst behaviour off the water, Spanking Paddle, Tom Bruton for lewd conduct. (Graciously accepted by his helm Tom Kiddle)

More photos from the event can be found Here

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