Flat Stanley

Famous old Cherub and one time Worlds Winner. This old boat is still going strong and is still rapid when the wind blows. Robert Streeter purchased the boat from Ross Burkin in late 2008 and took it to the 2009 nationals with Alex Nock at the helm. In Februrary 2010 the boat was sold to John Bennett who has taken on the next chapter of the Flat Stanley story, in its 30th year since victory in the Worlds of 1980.

Weston SC and the 2009 Nationals

Flat Stanley came to Southampton in late 2008. The highlight was the Nationals where the crew learned a thing or two about Cherubs and Cherub sailing and gained a 14th out of 17. Hardly news worthy but good fun and respectable given that Flat Stanley is now 30. While in Southampton, Flat Stanley was also responsible for some seriously quick sailing off Weston Shelf, with 19knts reached on the GPS at one point and possibly higher speeds unverified!

This picture was taken on the beach at the 2009 nationals:


And here is one form one of our sails at Weston SC:


A Quick Tidy Up

And here are a few pictures after a recent tidy up by Robert Streeter. Unfortunately, a season of hard use means that it doesn't look anywhere near this neat anymore but that is the nature of Cherub ownership. Current condition is better seen in the previous photo!



The old Mast Ram fitting had gone walkies so a new one was made:


The first test fitting of the rig:


A Blast From The Past

And here is the boat being sailed off Weston Shelf, Southampton, some years earlier. Probably early to mid 1990s.


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