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Sunday dawned with a little less breeze than Saturday blowing from the south. After a slight delay the course was set….. a small beat followed by a tight 2-sailer, then another beat to a broad reach to a too tight for the kite reach to another too tight for the kite reach to a beat back to the start/finish line. Atum had gone home to catch up with work, but in their place an RS700, a 29er and another 505 had come to play. The first race of Sunday, race 3, started in on/off twinning conditions with Mango at the head of the fleet with the fireballs and 505's. An unplanned dip on one of the tight tight reaches meant that mango was still crossing tacks with the Enterprise fleet (who started 2 minutes before) at the end of the first lap. Once the second lap started Mango found her feet and broke clear of the fireballs and 505's but couldn't gain ground on the RS700 due to the reaches being too tight to carry the kite. The wind was slowly increasing throughout the race with some interesting gusts now being prevalent on the course resulting in a boat or two being upside down on the course somewhere at any given time. On the final run the RS700 fell in on a gybe leaving Mango to pass and gain line honours.

Race 4 started off immediately after Race 3… the course was the same zig zagging snake trail, the wind was now in the mid to high teens, the water was still flatter than flat, perfect cherub conditions. A good first beat from Mango saw them round with the leading 505 and fireball. A gust on the tight 2 - sailer saw them break free from the fleet and pass the Enterprises soon up the next beat. Thus Mango sailed their own race sailing for the breeze and keeping clear of boats beating up the runs. Some cracking gusts downwind enabled Mango to put some distance on the chasing fleet. Line honours to Mango again with the leading fireball from Saturday trapped in the melee.

Race 5 followed another delicious lunch in the clubhouse. The wind had built a little further with lulls becoming a rarity and the occasional ragging of the main upwind. Mango capsized 30 secs before the start on a tack but most of the fleet were early and sailed down the line to the unfavoured shore end so being late at the favoured end wasn't much of a disadvantage. A big spinnaker twist that took an age to pull free saw us mid fleet just before the first tight 3 sailer. It soon became clear that the tight 3 sailers were now very VERY tight. The marks had been moved to make it more of a challenge, this coupled with the increase in breeze meant that only 2 legs out of 8 were kiteable. But there was enough wind for it not to matter. By the end of the 3rd lap Mango had passed the leading 505 and only had the RS700 in front. We got hooked into even bigger gusts on the final run and reach and really reeled back the 700, he was within 15 boats lengths at the final leeward mark. Unfortunately for the 700 his mainsheet jammer gave up on the final beat resulting in a swim for him giving line honours to mango.

The line honours also equated to 3 firsts on handicap (we were sailing off 920) for Sunday giving first place in the handicap fleet to Mango with Gordon and Ruth Evans in a fireball second and a well sailed Laser4.7 3rd.

All in all another well run event from Corus SC, especially helped by the cracking breeze and flat flat water. The courses weren't windward leeward and were very small compared to what has become the class norm in recent years but it was exceedingly enjoyable and does wonders for your boat handling/manoeuvring skills. Hopefully a few more cherubs will venture there next year.

Welcome to the Cherub class we like to include everyone and one of the ways of doing this is allowing all members the ability to edit and update the web site, this is good for race reports and also lets you have a page about yourself and your boat.

The Web site is set up in a wiki which uses a very simple language to write and put in all the formatting needed to make the page look good. All this is described in the “Syntax” but you do not need to read it all to be able to make a good page. A good place to go and try things out is the “playground” and you can always edit a page to look at how it is written.

Below is a sample text showing quite a few of the different things that you can do with the wiki to make an interesting page about yourself. You could copy it into the playground to see what it looks like and use bits of it as a basis for your own page. I have included a lot of different stuff and it is not all nessicary for a simple page.

To make your own page go to the members area and log in using the username and password that should have been emailed to you.

If your name is listed in red then you can click on it and create your own page.

If your name is not there you will need to edit the members page and add your name to the list following the format of the rest of the names.

My Name

I started sailing a few years ago in a number of different boats and have now ended up sailing a cherub after I saw one blasting about somwhere at high speed shadow.jpg

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I have sailed in a number of boats bulleted list of the boats

  • Wayfarer
  • Mirror
  • Int 14's http:\\ if you write out the URL in full it will turn into a link and the small globe shows it is an external link
  • LaserII's
  • Cherubs listed bellow in a numbered list
    1. 9999 9999 This page does not exist so it is a red link
    2. 2681 AquaMarina The link is for boats:2681 the text you see is Aqua Marina
    3. 2686 Primal Scream The link is forced to display 2686

My older Cherub

My first cherub was AquaMarina and here are a number of pictures taken automatically from the gallery of me sailing the boat in various years

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An automatic gallery that can be adjusted to show only one boat or only pictures taken on a certain day or any combination of the above

My newer Cherub

My current cherub is Primal Scream and below is the summary of the boat taken from Primal's own page.

Primal Scream

Primal Scream is an “Easy Wan” Design Cherub, it is the first Cherub to be designed to the 2005 rules. Designed around a sail plan of 15.5sqm upwind then an additional 21sqm asymmetric spinnaker.

The plan for the design was for a slightly more forgiving boat than AquaMarina to give a good base for learning to control the new rig. It was designed and built for Phil Alderson with the help of Dave Low.

Where the stuff for Primal Came from
After the Build

After building the boat we get to sail her, and she has proved to be a manageable handful. The hull has a lot more static stability than Aqua which has made for a good learning platform to get used to the bigger rig and sailing twin wire.

Some Sailing Stories
Some Modification Stories
The Refit

Following an unscheduled visit to some rocks at Largo Bay Primal is feeling a bit sorry for herself so there will be quite a few repairs and modifications to be done over the winter.

1st April 2007

After Seven months Primal Scream goes sailing again. Full rig tension was pulled on with no cracks or bangs, the sails went on and we finally hit the water. First impresions were that I liked the new deck layout, it seems simple and clean. The rounded decks are eisier to stand on and the Centerboard goes up and down eisier than before. It is quite odd to sail as when I look forward it looks just like it always did, however when I look aft it is like sailing a different boat. Have a huge list of little jobs to do, including cutting a bit off the tiller, as with a shorter gantry the tiller sticks into the boat more than before.


27th March

Starting to get some fitting mounting points in place.

Mast bridge in place around the now obligitary section of RS800 mast that all rebuilt Cherubs must include somewhere in the structure

24th March

The new mast bridge, jib track thing ready to go in, I am not sure what to call it as it is not a foredeck, or a space frame so mast bridge will have to do.

22 March

The wing support bars are bonded in place.

15th March 2007

The new deck has now been bonded in place and is almost complete.

View of new deck from the front

The back of the boat showing the new transom and the Gantry nearing completion. Just the control mechanism and one support strut is still required, they will be fitted after the deck is in place.

The start of the rebuild Feb 2007

Gantry starts to come together.

The new deck being made with first layer done and the foam going on. The hull can be seen in the background with the new stump in place.

The Deck Mold is built

Dismantling Jan 2007

The strip out begins. and more damage is uncovered. including cracks to the shroud bulkhead probably from when the support of the mast bridge was removed with full rig tension on.

All the damage is now removed as well as the bits that needed to go for access to asses the damage plus some bits that needed to go to make way for the new layout.

All it needs now is to be put back together.

The Accident 09 Sept 06

An encounter with the rocks and that is the end of sailing for a while




  • Builder: Dave Low and Phil Alderson
  • Construction: Foam Carbon to the 2005 rules with C-Tech/RMW Marine rig and T-Foil rudder
  • Location: France

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