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Getting Started

All the basic instructions are contained in the

Some more detailed instructions about the way that we would like people to use and format pages are below as well as some basic introduction information.

The place to try some things out and get a feel for what you write will look like is the:

Make a page for yourself:

If there is a page for you in the list of people below then click it, hit 'create this page' and start writing. If not, then edit this page and write this (only with your name there):


in the list. Then save the page.

A link to the page will appear in red. This is to show that the page doesn't exists yet.

Click on it and then hit 'create this page' and then start writing.

Make a page for your boat:

The boats contains links to the boats. GO there and insert the little biog of your boat, including a link like this:



(The name will appear once you have given your page a title - which should be the name of the boat)

Submit News

Go to the news page and click the 'submit news' link at the bottom and start typing. When you have finished your new article will appear at the top of the news page of the site.

Protect Content

If you put


at the bottom of any page, then it will be rendered into a link to a page which is only visible to members.

Check out Will Lee to see how it works.

Inserting Images

This is quite fiddly.

Edit the page to which to want to attach an image.

Hit the “insert image” button on the toolbar

There is a possibility that your popup blocker may stop the new page from loading, so if you are having problems it is worth checking your settings.

Choose the folder (called “namespaces” in wiki language for some reason) that the image is to go into by clicking the list on the left. Basically if the image is of a boat or boats then it should go in 'boats'.

The upload form is at the bottom of the list of image files.

All you need to do is to type the number of the boat or biggest boat in the bottom box, and choose the file to upload by browsing your own computer in the top box. If there are loads of boats in the picture, type 'fleet'. Please shrink huge images to less than about 100k.

The middle box automatically datestamps your image, and does an incrimental final letter too. You can change the date if you are uploading something that happened years ago or whatever.

If you are confused, please email Phil the picture. Please don't upload it anyway as renaming images is a prize arse to sort out.

Once your image is uploaded you'll get a message at the top of the screen saying the filename it was uploaded under. Find that file in the list, click the filename and you'll be transported back to the page editor, only there'll be some sytax there that looks like this:


This is rendered into an image when you save the page.

Inserting Video

This is done exactly the same as images. If it is a video of a boat then it should go in 'boats'. If it is of a person it should go in 'people'. If it is a technical video that is not of any particular boat or person then put it in 'tech'. If it is of a design and not of a particular boat then it goes in 'designs'. If it is none of the above then put it in 'news'.

If it is going in news then just name it as the date of the day you upload it. (The uploading form will do this for you but please remove the leading “-” from the automatically generated filename if you can. Leave the other box blank.)

If it is going in 'boats' then put the boat number in the bottom of the two name boxes.

If it is goiing in people then put the person's name like this in the bottom box: 'phil_alderson'

If it is going in tech please put one or two words to describe it in the bottom box: 'spreader'

How to make on-the-water videos

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