UK-Cherub Class

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UK Cherub Trophies

Some are shiny. Some are heavy. All are coveted.

Racing Trophies

The Simpson Cup

This is awarded for first place at the UK Nationals.

The Sheila Fleming Challenge Cup

This is awarded for second place overall.

The Harwich Trophy


Since 2005 this trophy has been awarded to the first placed 1997 rules boat at the Nationals. Originally this trophy, donated by J. F. Dedman in 1963, was awarded annually to the winner of the open meetings hosted at Harwich Town SC. The trophy is now on long loan to the Cherub Association by kind permission of HTSC.

The Ancient Image

This is a copper photoblock showing an image of Cherub Number 1 on a beach in he 1950's. It is awarded for the first placed 1990's rules boat at the Nationals.

The Lady's Teapot

This is awarded for the first placed Lady.

The Nick Mason Trophy

This is a large half model of a Italian Bistro, which is awarded for the best year on year improvement at the Nationals.

The Newcomer Trophy


This trophy was donated to the Class by Richard Taylor.

The Rosebowl

This is awarded to the winner of the travellers trophy.


The Queen of Hearts


This is awarded to the winner of the Inlands.

Other Trophies

The Ashes

This is an urn with the ashes of a well known cherub. It is awarded for the biggest example of boat destruction seen in the Nationals. Full story

The Didgeridon't

This is a small labelled didgeridoo which is awarded to the team who came to the nationals with so much promise, but things went a bit wrong.

Prix d'Elegance

This beautiful silver tray is awarded to the prettiest boat at the Nationals.

The Phoenix

This mounted naked silver lady is awarded to the boat which had the most comprehensive makeover before the Nationals.

The Davy


This miner's lamp is awarded annually for going down the mine in the most spectactular fashion at the Nationals regatta. It was presented to the class in recognition of Dave Roe's contribution by Daryl Wilkinson.

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