Exultant Jubilation

There are several ways to get your highs. Some people just want to sail, others like to tinker, others want to try and do the lot. This inclusive route to an awesome sail is why we love sailing a Cherub. Exultant was built by Hayley and Roland in a workshop in Bethnal Green. The aim of the 3206 project was to make as much of a boat as was realistically possible - we (the Trim's) bought ropes and fittings, but everything else was made by us (mast, spars, racks, sails, foils). Photos and some description of the build are shown here.

A serious impact with a 2 ton displacement tug could have been the end of this boat. However, EJ has a new life with the Ching-Gonzalez's. The transfer of ownership included fitting a stump and solid lowers. The amazing discovery during this process was that the original mast stump had shattered during the foresaid impact and the bulkheads made no noise on adding tension. BGM wishes the new owners and EJ well in her new chapter.



  • Designs: Ellway 5
  • Builder: Bethnal Green Marine
  • Construction: Carbon, foam, sweat, blood and tears of joy
  • Location: Stokes Bay
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