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Squid Pro Quo

Squid Pro Quo is a Squid, designed and built by Mike Rolf in 1999


The hull is mostly glass over divinycell, with ud carbon reinforcements to take the rig loads, and a carbon transom.


New Owners

by John Hackett

Squid Pro Quo was bought from Mike Rolf by John Hackett and Robert Kennaugh in October 2005. Many thanks to Andy Lang for giving the squid a peggy back down to plymouth after the Draycote open.


Two cherubs, fours cherubers and far too much gear showing you dont need racing suspension to lower a civic.

The Mods

by John Hackett

After several altercations between the mainsheet post and and various parts of my anatomy it was decided it had to go. How do you remove a carbon mainsheet post in the dark without a power supply?


With a generator, an angle grinder and some headlights of course!

Twin Trapezes beckoned so kick bars were definitely on the cards. So over easter 2006 we went about our first major mod.

We started with some glass tubing and then covered it in kevlar for added strength and shock absorption. We then made some foam/carbon supports before filleting them to the deck. We then glued the bars in place, which were curved, partly due to the shape of the boat and partly due to the fact that it should give them added strength and stiffness as they are under tension. Surprisingly when we unclamped them in the morning they didn't spring off in a dramatic fashion and actually seemed quite sturdy (ah the wonders of epoxy). After a couple more layers of carbon, they were ready to be faired and painted.


Foam/carbon support filleted onto deck.


Kick bars glued in place with first layer of carbon on.

Next up, wheelie bars and a new paint job…



  • Designs: Squid
  • Builder: Mike Rolf
  • Construction: Glass/foam with carbon transom and carbon reinforcements
  • Location: Glossop/Draycote sometimes
  • Owners: Jimmy Ruddiman

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