Eva is a 97' rules Bistro with an added snout bringing her closer to 05' rules.

Originally owned by Ken Appleby, then Mark James and Sarah Armstrong after him.

Then sailed by Andrew W, while being owned by Jason LM. At this time she was based at Hawley Lake, Surrey(Winter only!) /Marchwood YC, Southampton.

After this she was sold on to Andy H based in Devon, where she was repainted to match Andy's other cherub Wreck N Effect and gained a carbon rig and bigger sails. She was renamed Eva Dexoff with this renovation. During this time she was sailed from Sidmouth SC against scorpions amongst other dinghies.

Her next move was to her current home in the south west wales town of Tenby.

During the winter of 2016 / 2017 she underwent a full makeover with new paint, ropes, spinnaker, progrip, trolley, rudder stock and tfoil.

The 2017 season has seen her sailed in the weekend and midweek series at TSC on a regular basis.


  • Name: Eva Dexoff ex This Way Up
  • Designs: Italian Bistro
  • Builder: Ken Appleby
  • Construction: Converted to 97
  • Location: Tenby South Wales
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