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Get Your Heart Racing

Lost In Space

This boat was designed and built by Duncan Barr in offcut nomex and carbon. The design ruthlessly exploited the five-foot back rise of floor rule in force at the time by having a rounded national 12 type shape from the bow the the shrouds which then turns into a concave Slug like shape towards the stern.

Tim Unerman partially upgraded the boat to 2005 rules. The new 2007 owners John and Margaret Brookes are looking forward to the thrills and spills of their first Cherub.


This is a boatbreaker using no blocks, just a bit of aluminium tube and wire. The highest tension achieved in testing was 700lbs (320kg). (I'm glad this boat is made of nomex!)

ASCII Here it is in the 'on' position.


Foil measurements on 29/6/6



  • Designs: Barr 1
  • Builder: Duncan Barr
  • Construction: Carbon and nomex
  • Location: Team Scotland HQ

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