Norfolk In Chance

This boat is a Flying Trifle design, and had a distinctive leopardskin colourscheme. This boat was originally called 'Does Your Mother Know', then called 'Hong Wang Paow' and now 'Norfolk In Chance'. She is now owned by Abi Riley

Billy Wood gybing the Trifle at Mayflower SC in 2000. Photo: Dave Curno Weymouth nationals in 2001. Photo: Jim Champ Plymouth in 2000. Photo: Jim Champ Plymouth in 2000 - on the water. Photo: Jim Champ Plymouth in 2004 - Andy Lang wave jumping. Photo: Plymouth Uni

After several years in several back gardens the Trifle has resurfaced and will be back on the water soon. Paint needs some TLC and there was a very very random collection of rigging. She is a boat ready to be sailed!

Some old photos of this boat have recently resurfaced. Many thanks Patrick Cunningham:



  • Designs: Trifle mod
  • Builder: Patrick Cunningham and Mark Saunders in 1992 during GCSE study leave.
  • Construction: Carbon Kevlar hull and Kevlar decking
  • Location: Draycote Water
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