Cheese Before Bedtime

…gives you crazy dreams!

Cheese Before Bedtime is a Dog design by Simon Roberts, now owned by Tom Jones

After much research into which sail manufacturer to go with and a great tip-off from Stuart Hopson I decided to go with Pinnell and Bax. Even though they are not well known for Cherub sails they have a lot of experience with the similar International 14 sails. I found most manufactures fairly vague when it came to actually designing the sails to suit my mast and the dimensions of Cheese. What really impressed me with P&B is that I was able to drop Cheese of with them and they designed manufactured and fitted the sails to match the exact shape, foredeck height, mast position, mast bend etc. They have even offered to carry out any slight mods required free or charge should they be necessary! They have designed an interesting leach on the jib to help increase the area, the overlap on the mast is about 130mm (see clew plate and batten on the pics). I sailed with the new set for the first time today and they are brilliant. I am looking forward to some racing to get in idea of the improvement around a course.











Sailing at last, Still with 97 rules mail and jib at present.















Centreboard casing back in 150mm further back. The bottom kicker fitting will be moved 100mm above the mast step to avoid the bowsprit.



I have cut the flares off and plan to extend the sides

vertically and beef them up on the top edge. The new floor will meet

the sides so there will be no side tanks. I am then fitting carbon

racks. Can't believe how much lighter Cheese felt once I cut the

side tanks and wings off. The Carbon tubes only weigh 4.8kg and

without the flares the foredeck area is smaller so I am hoping that

Cheese will loose a chunk of weight.


Having decided that I needed a longer pole so I can set mast rake back to how it was, things escalated rapidly!

Problem 1. Concerned with the unsupported 11-foot pole as it is offset from the snout, also the snout was short by about 100mm and mast is well forward so had no chance of fitting a self tacker with a reasonable size jib.

Solution- just simply fit a new snout with centre pole, no problem!

Problem 2.Retracting the pole so it misses the mast.

Solution- need a pole with lots of taper, no problem!

Problem 3. Can't find a pole tapered enough.

Solution- Make one.

Problem 4. Can't find a suitable mandrel.

Solution- Call in some favours with local engineering companies and have one made.

Problem 5. Find out I could almost buy a new cherub for the same price! (Next time they want some firewood or shavings they can ***!)

Solution- Make one in wood.

Problem 6. It is not possible to turn it in the traditional way because the section is too small for its length so it is too whippy, also is unlikely to stay straight.

Solution- After much head scratching ,glue timber around steel tube-


Make trough and fit mandrel in with it sticking out more at one end than the other.


Run the contraption through a spindle moulder then rotate the mandrel a few degrees and repeat. (all done very late at night to avoid a badly timed visit from Health and Safety)


Bit of sanding and


One mandrel aprox 4.2m long, 30mm dia at the pointy end and 85mm at blunt end. Made so the launch tube can be made on the mandrel as well.

New launch tube and pole in boat.


Problem 7: Just thought whilst I have gone this far a might as well give her a sand back and re-spray but the side tanks were a bit soft. So I cut a hole to have a look. Very damp and de-laminating. before long I was back to a sound hull and floor.

As I have gone this far I am planning to cut the flairs off extend the sides up and fit either racks or wings, not sure yet.

P.S. Class members are welcome to borrow the mandrel.

Cheese now has been given an RS800 kite and extended mast!!

The new kite makes it a lot more stable twinning downwind and the sheet loads have been reduced.

With the new bigger kite Paul has had to rake the mast back slightly to compensate for the longer luff. As he has done so it has increased the weather helm which makes harder to sail well.

Cheese is going to be going under alot more needed improvment, Weds 18th oct- paul has taken his angle grinder to cheese yet again and removed the fordeck and snout to sort cheese out once and forall.

The plan is to redo the fordeck with selftacker and bigger hole for the kite and new snout so she can be converted to a selftacker!!!

Also i think the other plan is to redo the whole colour sceame and generally sort her out into a proper raceing boat!!


Paul Croote has radically sorted out Cheese's snout. Good Job!










Here is the previous one for comparison:



  • Designs: Dog
  • Builder: Simon Roberts, rebuilt by Paul Croote
  • Construction: Carbon/Kevlar
  • Location: Draycote SC
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