Halo Jones

This Bistro was built by Wiz Deas and finished off by Jim Champ. The boat now lives in France with Thomas and Nathalie Desmars. She has been redecked, widen, adapted to the 2005 rules.

Here are some pics, from the original build through to its new radical refit!

2641-1990xxxxd.jpg 2641-20050910a.jpg



Shell: Epoxy/Bi-Axial glass on Termanto foam, Wiz Dees
False floor: biaxial glass/carbon, Wiz Deas
Tank Sides: glass on airex foam, Jim Champ/Alistair Cope
Decks: ply
Front bulkhead/spine: Bloodaxe carbon panels installed by Jim Champ

  • Location: Piriac s/ Mer (FRANCE)

Note:- This was the last Cherub built with a pole spinnaker in the UK.

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