Norwegian Blue

Norwegian Blue was originally owned and built by Dave Roe, who took Norwegian to many National wins and much success.

Originally a conventional symetric kite boat, Norwegian has been progresively upgraded until arriving at the current format.

Norwegian is now a Twin Trapeeze boat with 12.5m2 white sail and a new addition of a 21m2 800 kite. Despite our best efforts Norwegian is still the most sucessful Cherub and still able to punish the big rig boats if they make mistakes.

Norwegian is currently owned by Dave Ching and Lara Gonzalez-Ruiz. We bought Norwegian from Will Lee and Lucy Lee after she was put up for Sale hours before Sailboat 2005. The idea being that a cherub would be a great boat to teach Lara to sail in. The first year of sailing ended at the Newquay nationals where a 7th (Norwegian's equal worst result) earnt a best newcomer trophy.

The 2006 season has started well with good results in all the opens, only being beaten by the new speed machine Atum Bom.

Norwegian is currently being fitted with a new pole and mast extension to accomodate the 800 kite and also receiving some well deserved maintenance.


With 800 kite. Full story coming soon!

fleet-20060801b.jpg This is the New comers Trophy. Our first nationals Trophy.

The boat is currently in France and being refitted why 2005 rig, self tacker, T-foil …

1989-1993 1st Dave Roe
1994-1997 2nd Mike Chalmers and Matt Stobart
2004 6th Lucy Lee and Will Lee
2005 7th Dave Ching and Lara Gonzalez-Ruiz







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