2631 is a Paterson 4 design, built by Andy Paterson of Bloodaxe boats in 1986. In 2007 it was about to be burned by it's previous owner (Rob Stephens of Poole), having sat in his garage for a decade or two. Dave Ching managed to rescue it by persuading Mr Stephens to donate it to the class association instead. Neil Cardno purchased it from the class with a view to restoration. It needed completely stripped back to bare wood, there were 3 big holes in the topsides which needed fixing and it had no fittings or gear.

Many happy hours were spent chopping out large sections of gunwales and topsides, back to a sound base.

Followed by patching.

Fairing,filling and painting.

More sanding, and finally a few coats of varnish.

2631, now 23 years old is finally restored. She was never given a name by her original owner. Groovejet was successfully re-launched in May 2009!!8-)


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