Pxysyszygy (formerly Wreck n Effect)

Acquired a new carbon boom from a Musto skiff - old boom hoping to see new life as a carbon bowsprit. Fittings removed and cut down to size. Boat currently has an RS200 main and a jib off a Merlin Rocket. Spinnaker is a Caws asymmetric, off one of the Flying Trifles if I'm not mistaken. Going to try with this sailplan first then possibly put on a bigger cut-down B14 main and kite. But maybe that's going a bit far. Need to drill new holes in mast for a proper jib t terminal and trapeze wires. There are already quite a few holes.

Contacted Andy Paterson about the boat's history - she's a Paterson 3, not a 2 (database amended). hoping he can dig out some old photos.

Next jobs: Finish boom. Install kite ratchets. Drill holes in mast. Get a new rudder stock.

In my parents' garden awaiting repairs to rudder, addition of proper kite blocks and lowering of hoist point. Other things that need doing: Get a longer centreboard - Replace dodgy mainsheet block - Get a boom that doesn't bend so much

The mast is a strange affair - twin spreaders, longer than 91 spec with a dodgy repair / lengthening operation in evidence near the foot. Clearly it had a former life on something else - anyone know any of her recent history?



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