The light weight, high performance, development class.

The UK Cherub is a two-person 12 foot racing dinghy with asymmetric spinnaker and twin trapezes.

Originally created in New Zealand by John Spencer, Cherubs are mainly sailed in Australia and Great Britain with a growing fleet in France. As well as this, boats can be found as far away as Czechoslovakia, the USA and Portugal.

Cherub rules are simple and allow for maximum flexibility for designers. This means that things tend to be done right rather than to obey some daft rule. This lets you create or modify a boat the way you like it.

Importantly, the Cherub Class is run by members for members. There is no expensive 'marketing machine' ramping up the price of new boats, and there is no monopoly reducing choice for sailors and increasing the price of gear.

Cherub sailing is the real thing: Getting uphill requires the normal twin wire high performance skills but turn the corner and you're in for the ride of your lifeā€¦.

Are you ready to get your heart racing? Read on...

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