The UK Cherub is a two-person 12 foot racing dinghy with asymmetric spinnaker and twin trapezes. Just twelve feet long, weighing around 70kgs fully rigged for sailing, the UK Cherub combines spectacular performance with the “on the edge” handling characteristics only found in true lightweight skiffs.

The UK Cherub rules are simple and allow for maximum flexibility for designers, allowing boats to be created to incorporate sailor's own ideas. Also meaning the class develops over time as techniques, materials and ideas improve. All this makes the Cherub one of the most interesting and innovative of all dinghies: The challenge extends from the sailing skills to setting up the boat to suit the sailor, and maybe even designing and building, too.

Latest news

The first event of this years travellers series is Rutland March 3rd/4th

Who will show and who will win?

Nobody knows.

Runner and riders for this years travellers.


This foiling machine can win any event but they will need a windy season put their hands on the prize. Who knows what can happen with this talented pair.


Will these two win again. A Rita Skeeter style reporter might say that with the events secretary and the president on one boat, the races are rigged. However, those in the know, will tell you nothing is further from the truth. With Rich Bowers designing their sails and some innovative foil design, the pair are pushing the class forward nicely.

Green Bananas

After winning the last event of 2022. Will GB take the Cherub world by storm this year? They certainly have the speed but do they have the time. With a helm who excels in many sports and a soon to be busy family life, time management looks to be the key.


This cool pair have cruised to victory on countless occasions. The battle with Yusagi continues and we can’t wait for the next round of this epic contest. Everyone in this fleet loves Marmite.

Usagi Yojimbo

This pair have one more travellers events and Nationals than most of us can count. They will be looking to resume their battle with Marmite.


Will these west country boys be able to conquer their fears and keep their ears long enough to utilise the undoubted speed of this rapid duck. Don’t be surprised if the duck takes the odd bullet this year.


The blend of youth and experience could prove to be a winning formula. This pair could be quick this year, though injury worries are a factor for the older half of this team.


The Pink monster is on a continual improvement plan and with the promise of a new set of sails on the way EJ will be a real threat this year. Lets hope this super light flyer can get some more wins this year.

Dan’s Boat

The extremely talented pair in Dan’s Boat will need to put in more practice this year to unlock the full potential of this boat.


This crew became the newest addition to the fleet last year. How quickly can they unlock strength of the Ronin to start challenging for honours. With the support of this supportive fleet anything is possible.

The Badgers Nadgers

The Badger Has been hiding for many years. This family are planning on joining the fleet for the first time this year. The Cherubs are looking forward to seeing this new team in action.


This iconic boat will be available to those interested in finding about the thrills a light weight high performance skiff can deliver. This boat isn’t just a try a boat Cherub it’s a boat with speed to win races in the right hands. Put your name forward and it could be you.


Welcome back dear readers to the penultimate event in the Cherub Travellers Series. After a windy and wavy nationals, our competitors could have been forgiven for wanting a more relaxing event, no such luck. Instead, a very challenging shifty on shore breeze and lumpy waves, even made launching a high skill manoeuvre.

Day 1

Race 1 Eleanor and Green Bananas broke clear of Poppy and EJ. Eleanor took the lead until the final tack, when disaster struck and Eleanor's crew inspected the boom a little too closely. This let Green through for their first win, while Eleanor limped home in second.

Race 2 saw close racing between all the boats with place changes a plenty. Eleanor managed to find a path through the Ospreys (great fleet to share an event with by the way) to claim the win from Green.

Race 3 had EJ finally put her obvious boat speed to good use and lead Green home to a much-deserved win.

Day 2 welcomed our fine competitors with slightly less wind.

Races 4 and 5 proved that a good night's sleep and a T total lifestyle is definitely not required for Poppy's crew, who finally showed the skills they had been showing all year to challenge the Green Bananas. The only problem was those Bananas are slippery and found a way through to win the first two races of the day.

With the event won, Green slowed down enough to let Poppy through for a much-awaited win, followed by Eleanor.

Yet another event with close friendly racing, with four winners from six races.

Well done to Green Bananas who showed strong pace to win on their return, with Poppy coming a close second. A special mention should go to Ronin's new crew for learning new skills in conditions not ideally suited to a new team.

Overall Results:

Pos Boat name Sail No Club Helm Crew R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 Pts Net Pts
1 Green Bananas 3217 Netley SC Nick Pratt Jamie Taylor 1 2 2 1 1 (3) 107
2 Poppy 3216 Grafham Water SC Jamie Pearson Martyn Denchfield 4 3 (DNF) 2 2 1 1912
3 Eleanor 3208 Poole YC David Ching Oliver Goolden 2 1 (DNS) 3 4 2 1912
4 EJ 3206 Stokes Bay SC Jimmy Ruddiman Oliver Morrell 3 4 1 4 3 (DNF) 2215
5 Anitdote 2699 IOSSC Dean Ralph Simon Jones (DNC) DNC DNC DNC DNC DNC 4235
6 Ronin 2698 Poole Yacht Club Nathan McGrory George Bender (DNC) DNC DNC DNC DNC DNC 4235
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