Jim Champ

Jim Champ has contributed to the Cherub Class over the years in a number of ways including serving on the committee, culminating as President for the years 2001/2, 2002/3 and 2003/4.

The really exceptional part though is this website. He created it in summer 1995 when websites were a rarity and email was exotic. It was completely hand built (Jim is an IT professional) and served the class as newsletter and, over time, increasingly as archive and text book too. Jim worked tirelessly to record the history of the class and make it available to all.

The website is still (2006) justly well-known as the place to find out how to design, build and sail your own high-performance sailing boat easily and cheaply in your garage. The continuing popularity of the website shows that in the age of the internet, size and investment can be matched by some talent and committment. Thanks to Jim we are up to date and remaining true to John Spencers vision in 1951.

Jim maintained the website until 2005. He continues to help the rookies that came after him, offering advice on improving presentation and writing, and contributing ancient archive pieces too.

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