Ghislain Devouthon

I moved to skiffs in 2003 with an international 14.

It was quite a huge step from 470 !

At the LDS 2005 we decided with Laurent Thouvenin to step to Pastatoide formerly known as pistrix to be able to sail with our wives and with the idea of discovering Cherub to build one.

After a big refursbish during in 2006, Pastatoide is close to find its way back to its favorite element.

The UK class sent me in january 2006 the Slug mould. The limace project was to built a Cherub with racks base on that design. I began on the 1st of november 2006 and Natural Born Skiffeurs touched the water on the 1st of april 2007.

I've done the UK national in weymouth with her and succeed in the french national.

My goal is to develop the Cherub in France.

You can contact me to have information about the French Cherub Class : [email protected] or +33 6 03 97 17 03

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