Daryl Wilkinson

Daryl started sailing as a young lad with his Dad in Mirrors, and then Toppers. He left the sport to concentrate on his Athletics and after a long break began sailing again in the late 1980's. National 12's were the first boat of choice. After several seasons in N12's Daryl bought his first Cherub, “Flying Trifle” from John Lobb / Martin Harrison in 1994 . She was sailed for a season with his wife Louise and then sold as an opportunity to campaign a Buzz with Bridget Vialls ( old N12 chum ) was to good to miss out on. And quite frankly the Cherub scarred the life out his wife Louise! The years past and it wasn't until 2001 that Daryl ventured back to Cherubs. When he convinced another old N12 mate, Ben Brown to make a Cherub team. Daryl bought 'Little Fluffy Clouds'. Much was learnt from LFC but soon it was time to for a new boat. And so in 2004 the build of Loco Perro was started which was owned by Ben and part funded by Daryl. Around this time the class was in a period of flux, with low Nationals turn outs and low membership, so Daryl also took on the challenge of Cherub Publicity Officer. Loco was a radical wide boat looking more like a 12 foot skiff than a conventional Cherub. She was sailed to 2nd place by Ben and Daryl in the 2005 nationals.

After another period of none Cherub ownership where Daryl has concentrated on his sons sailing. Daryl started a new build of his own in 2008 working with NZ designer David Lee to develop a new boat. After long delays his boat 'Banshee Ambulance' looks like it will hit finally the water early 2010.

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