Pwllheli Nationals 2012 Day 3

The wind and waves had abated significantly for Day 3, giving us the perfect conditions for racing. To catch up with the programme the Race Officer scheduled 4 races. The fleet surprised the race officer by being on the line at the start and there were even a few over that needed to go back. With a quick beat upwind the race was on. Following a smooth rounding of the top mark the 05's were off flying down the first run with the 97's not far behind. Marmite took the kite low and a couple of laps later they had the first win of the day, with Riot Van and Elenor coming in close behind. A quick turn around assured a swift start to the second race where things started to get a little competitive, as the wind had eased further. Pasta Frenzy finally showed what it was made of by flying off on the downwind legs and keeping up with the 05's. The third race saw the wind get a bit lighter and the heavy weight crews suffered as a result, Riot Van scored another win followed by Ronin, and Marmite made up the top three.. The wind filled in again for the fourth race with Riot Van taking line honours for the third time of the day. With big winds expected for tomorrow it is all to play for, with 2 points separating the top two Riot Van and Subtle Knife with Eleanor sneaking in 7 points behind its tight competition. In the 97 fleet Born Slippy are the favourites but Comfortably Numb could pull it out the bag!!

  1. Riot Van, Graham and Eddie Bridle
  2. Subtle Knife, Clive and Alex Everest
  3. Elenor Dean Ralph and Simon Jones
  4. Pocket Rocket, Phil and Carol Alderson
  5. Atom Bom, Ben and Sam Rushton

Full results

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