Pwllheli Nationals 2012 Day 1

The first day of the 2012 Cherub Nationals started with sunshine and a good breeze. 23 boats left the shore for two interesting races in the wind and swell off Pwllheli Sailing Club.

Clive and Alex Everest in Subtle Knife were quick off the start line closely followed by Jill and Andy Peters in Usagi. Clive and Alex were able to maintain their lead and were first round the windward mark followed by Phil and Carol Alderson in Pocket Rocket and Graham and Eddie Bridle in Riot Van. This was how the positions were to remain at the front of the fleet till after three interesting laps the race officer shortened the race, giving Clive Everest a win in his first Cherub nationals race sailing with his Son Alex who is the youngest competitor in the fleet.

The second race started in 22 Kts and the swell had increased considerably for the second race with Paul Croote, and Tom in Marmite getting off the line quickly followed by Subtle Knife and Pocket Rocket. After three rounds the race finished with Pocket Rocket, followed by Subtle Knife, and Riot Van.

  1. Phil and Carol Alderson, Pocket Rocket (2,1)
  2. Clive and Alex Everest, Subtle Knife (1,2)
  3. Graham and Eddie Brindle, Riot Van (3,3)
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