Largo Bay SC welcomed nineteen Cherubs to Fife with sunshine from Weds 30th August to Sat 2nd September. The racing was tight throughout the fleet and the conditions varied from F1 to F8, testing all-round skills. Race Officer Gordon McGeorge and the rest of the team put together an excellently organised championship which was enjoyed by all.

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Moderate breeze of 12kts and glorious sunshine allowed for champagne sailing. At the gun the fleet bunched at the pin end in anticipation of an advantages left side. This left a line for those opting for the committee boat end. Team Scotland sneaked past first at the pin end bang on the gun with Mango Jam right on their transom - after a very tight beat with most heading out into the estuary to try and pick up the flood tide the Scots boat rounded first at the top mark. The larger rigs on Mango and Atum Bom soon told on the downwind leg with Will and Lucy in the Bom storming down to the bottom mark in first. The Flying Kipper sporting her retro aluminum rig with mainly 91 rules sails was still in hot pur-suit and the frisky conditions ensured thrills and a few spills for all. By the end of the first lap the 97 rules Team Scotland in Born Slippy had slipped back to 4th with Fuzzy Logic now pressing hard astern. The waves made for some exciting surfing. Matthew on the Kipper was very glad of his new foot straps in the swell. Largo Bay is famed for its fairly short steep waves that fetch over several miles from Edinburgh and spectacular Pentland Hills behind. Further tight racing throughout the fleet followed with many boats trading places. Lap2 saw Will & Lucy clear in front followed by Mango, the Screamers, Fuzzy Logic and Born Slippy. The weight of the lardy scots was begging to tell against downwind making them fifth at the bottom mark but buy the end of the third and final lap, Atum Bom took line honours with Mango second and the local boys Team Scotland a career best 3rd. The screamers had lost out thanks to a spot of trawling at the bottom mark, followed by an enforced swim to retrieve the big rag. Cherub stalwart Suicide Blonde (now a fully upgraded Bistro) was by now really shifting and came in 4th. Lost in Space - with a half-converted 2005 rig - took advantage of their upwind speed to climb from 3rd last to 5th (just behind Simon and Ian), Aqua Marina, Flying Kipper, Primal Scream, Squid Pro Quo, Sweet Dreams, Shiny Beast, Beer Monster, Loco Perro & Oops Again all crossed in the next few minutes making 14 out of 18 finishers in a breeze that was encouragingly strong in the gusts.

Wind holding up well

Again no false starts were signalled by the committee but Born Slippy rounded the pin again just to be sure. At the Boat end there was a battle between Kipper, Strawberry and Mango, Strawberry trying to force Kipper out but a Huge pull on the mainsheet and a nice surf pulled them clear of The Strawberry’s ridiculously extended pole. Mango Luffed up and forced The Strawberrys out which meant Mango and Kipper got 2 fantastic starts. A tight beat ensued again with a pack of cherubs rounding the top mark with the usual suspects in the lead.Mango was consolidating their lead and Suicide were holding off Slippy but not by as much as they wanted. Just astern was Lost in Space (again charging through the ranks on the uphill legs). Tim and Tom were catching up having thrown up the kite and wired up - then bang - trap wire gave way… After the second beat

Will and Lucy were now feverishly effecting repairs to their rudder stock (sucessfully in the end). And Primal Scream were now reduced two sails.

So at the bottom mark, Mango was clear ahead of Suicide Blonde, followed by Fuzzy Logic and Born Slippy. By the finish line Slippy and and Fuzzy had traded places thanks to opposite choice of tack on the final beat (more wind inshore outweighing more tide off-shore).

Swim induced fatigue and the odd snag reduced the finishing fleet to 12 but a high grin factor was evident on the beach at the close of sailing. The sun shone, the wind blew and the Provost of Fife was waiting in the Crusoe Inn for a Civic reception for Cherubs and Moths.

With a big breeze out to the start the eager cherubists were met with a disappointing lull in time for the start. For the first time in living memory there were so many super keen boats on the start line that a general recall was needed. This was a special disappointment to the teams aboard Sweet Dreams and Flying Kipper who had the start seriously nailed, only to have to do it again! This was a great result aboard team Beer Monster as they had to re-rig their whole kite system on the beach and managed to leisurely attend the second start. Unfortunatly sweet dreams didn’t have such a good start second time round and ended up at the back of the fleet off of the start. The breeze held throughout the three laps of the race. At the top mark it was Atum Bom followed very closely by Mango Jam, and there was much loose covering for the rest of the race and they finished in that order.

The breeze had dropped a little by the start, but was up and down during the first lap. Sweet Dreams banged left up the first beat and managed to sail cleanly underneath and out the front of ‘the squid’ to round the windward mark in a comfortable position, and held it till the end. Atum and Mango, battling for the lead, had just started their second laps when the breeze disappeared altogether, commencing an interesting drifting and zephyr-hunting session to get to the top mark. Half way down the next run, which turned into a tight reach for leading Atum Bom such that the kite could not be carried. Second place Mango Jam was able to carry the kite and cruised by in their own puff to take the race with Atum Bom second.

The Fuzzy Logic team came to prominence in this race by nailing the start and using the clocking shift of the wind to great effect. They met Atum Bom at the top and Atum Bom managed to get away. Rounding in third and fourth Primal and Shiny gybed off, with Shiny making the bottom mark first. Up the second beat Shiny got through Fuzzy and were close to catching Atum by the final leeward mark. Up the final beat Atum covered Shiny, and managed to hold on to first.

On Friday morning the breeze was seriously UP! The white horses visible in every direction soon faded and this race began in about 10 knots of breeze. There was a busy start and through the scrum came Atum Bom and Mango Jam. That was the order at the finish, with Fuzzy Logic third.

Started in more breeze with solid starts for Mango and Fuzzy and shocking starts for Atum and the Flying Kipper. The breeze built steadily up the first beat. At the top it was Fuzzy first with Mango second. Kites were hoisted by the leading boats just in time for the most amazing squall. We think that all the boats capsized in the maelstrom except Atum, who were saved by having to luff past Shiny in what counted for a lull and were safely on a close reach when the worst hit. By the time it was possible to see, hear, think and right the boats the chequered flag was flying, but Atum and Mango didn't see it until they passed the finish line (in that order).

The fleet returned to the shore to recoup and take stock of the losses, after which the club lowered the AP and another race was on!

No-one was injured and there were very few breakages - This fact was commented on by the Coastguard man who showed up on the beach as the competitors came ashore. Although the Squall did make the front page of the Fife Corrier, CEFAX and BBC News. The one casualty was Primal Scream who sadly broke a wing on the rocks after sending the rib towing them out to help the rest of the fleet because they were near the shore. This just before the worst of the squall hit….

Not so breezy until the Moth 5 minute, when it went completely nuts again! Mango and Atum managed three sensational wave leaping crew-destroying laps, with Mango winning by a huge margin. Team Kipper were smoking, as were the boys on Sweet Dreams who held it together in challenging conditions and were seen leaping from waves with the whole boat out of the water.

Saturday dawned windless and rainy but by the start there was about 5 knots from the SW, which built a bit during the race. There was quite a lot of pressure on the start as the wind had gone round nore southerly during the sequence making the line and beat port-biased. It was away cleanly despite the race officers later admission that he feared carnage was coming! Atum, Shiny and Mango rounded and set off down the light wind and big waved run. Shiny soaked and Mango went hot, leaving Atum in a quandry over where to go, covering the gap between them. Shiny looked good but fell in in a gybe leaving it up to the duelling Atum and Mango to settle the issue. Up the next beat the course had been moved from 235 degs to 125, making the beat more beat-like. Atum was ahead at the end after loose-covering Mango to the end.

To win, Mango Jam needed to win both of the last two races and Atum needed to win either.

Off the start Mango got away cleanly and Atum had some struggling to do to be ahead at the top by a whisker. Mango played windshift-roulette, hitting the left, forcing Atum to go there too. After the gybe Mango found superior speed and was right on Atum's transom at the rounding. It was a drag race to the corner and back, but Atum tacked too early for the top buoy and had to tack to take Mango's stern as they rounded. A collision resulted in turns for Atum and allowed Mango to sail away into the lead. Seeing Mango in right-cornersville, and having no other cards left to play, Atum Bom pulled on their T foil to more than they'd ever pulled it on to before and preperd for a do-or-die trip to the bottom. It was quicker and incredibly lower and with both sailors hanging right off the stern at times, Atum caught Mango by the bottom mark. I still wasn't over as Mango found special pointing ability and closed the gap on Atum. At the end Atum took the race and the series by a little over a boatlength.

With 1st and 2nd place sewn up, Atum and Mango hit the beach leaving the battle for the other places to go on in their absence. Sweet Dreams took advantage for a first over Squid Pro Quo with Suicide Blonde coming in third. Stuart Hopson and Fergus Holland had a poor start to the competition in Sweet Dreams but after the first day had a string of consistent finishes giving them a good third in the Championship, and the best improvers trophy too.

Sailing Results

Cherub National Championship 2006

Series Place Sail No Boat Helm Crew Club Series Points Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Race 6 Race 7 Race 8 Race 9 Race 10
1 2688 Atum Bom William Lee Lucy Lee King George S.C. 10 1 10 1 2 1 1 2 1 1 20
2 2682 Mango Jam Gavin Sims David Hannaford Neyland Y.C. 13 2 1 2 1 7 2 1 2 2 20
3 2663 Sweet Dream Stuart Hopson Fergus Holland Shotwich Lake S.C. 33 10 20 7 5 5 4 4 3 4 1
4 2677 Squid Pro Quo Robert Kennaugh John Hackett Midland S C 46 9 5 6 6 6 20 20 9 3 2
5 2659 Flying Kipper Tom Kiddle Mathew Kiddle Coveham S C 47 7 6 8 9 10 7 3 4 6 6
6 2644 Suicide Blonde Iain Christie Simon Roberts Draycote Water S.C. 50 4 2 3 13 12 20 20 8 5 3
7 2674 Born Slippy Neil Cardno Ken ScottBrown Royal Tay YC 56 3 3 11 12 13 6 20 10 7 4
8 2658 Lost In Space Tim Unerman Tom Holland Weston S C 56 5 7 5 10 9 5 20 5 10 20
9 2685 Loco Perro Tim Jestico Daniel Kembue King Gearge S.C. 85 13 11 20 11 11 20 20 6 8 5
10 2681 Aqua Marina Andy Lang Tom Gruitt Netley S C 85 6 12 20 8 14 9 20 7 9 20
11 2686 Primal Scream Phil Alderton Carol Low Peterhead S C 87 8 8 4 3 4 20 20 20 20 20
12 2675 Fuzzy Logic David Chisholm Andrew Prince Waldringfield SC 94 20 4 20 4 3 3 20 20 20 20
13 2676 Shiny Beast Dave Ching Lara Gonzales Poole Y C 103 11 9 14 7 2 20 20 20 20 20
14 2645 Cheese Before Bedtime Ben Howett Calum Reid Farmoor S.C. 120 20 20 9 15 8 8 20 20 20 20
15 2649_V Dangerous Strawberry Stu Turner Ollie Hudson Welwyn Garden City 121 20 20 20 17 15 20 5 12 12 20
16 2350 Peanuts Jill Sutherland Charles Sutherland Largs S.C. 129 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 11 11 7
17 2534 Oop's Again Simon Turnbull Jo Siman Bough Beech SC 131 14 20 10 14 20 20 20 20 13 20
18 2643 Beer Monster Tim Noyce Steve Hackett Nottingham Trent Uni SC 136 12 20 12 16 16 20 20 20 20 20
19 2683 Pocket Rocket Ken Appleby James Collett Weston S C 153 20 20 13 20 20 20 20 20 20 20

Sat 02 Sep 06 16:43:11

Nationals Prizegiving

Congratulations to new National Champions Will and Lucy Lee and all the other prize winners of the 2006 Cherub Nationals hosted by Largo Bay 2006cherubwinners.jpg Photo © Alasdair Sneddon

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