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Screaming Around: Primal Screams account of the 2005 Nationals

By Carol Low (spot the Primal Scream songs within for a small prize!)

I’ve crewed for Phil in the cherub now for almost a year and had met a few of you before at Kielder, the 2005 Nationals was my first. I didn’t know what to expect but had a brilliant time. It was great meeting everyone and putting faces to names.

We left Aberdeen and travelled 500 miles down Autobahn 66 (well A90, M74 and M6 actually) to New Quay. From Carlisle to the Welsh border we had our own police escort….

After a long, hot journey we finally arrived at our destination and every day we got a deep hit of morning sun. Our plan was to spend the week sailing but lack of wind meant that Phil spent his time in the evil heat modifying Primal Scream to give her a new T-foil rudder and some she power. Eventually we got out for a sail in a light breeze and by Wednesday night a whole fleet of cherubs had arrived. I was impressed by all the different designs of boats and the effort people had made to get their boats sailable some looked quite xtrmntr but I still think primal is such a sweet pretty thing but then I’m slightly biased.

I had a great time sailing despite the lack of wind, New Quay was a great place to hold the nationals and the club put a huge amount of effort into hosting the event. Phil and I realise we still have a lot to learn about sailing primal with the big sails and twin wire and my lack of trapezing experience and we struggled in the windier races but we were undamaged and will be back next year. In the meantime we will be up in sunny Scotland with the other Scottish skiffs having a screamdelica time. Look forward to you all making the trip up North next year, see you all in Largo Bay, I know the club is looking forward to us all being there (just remember your thermals!)

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