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Style Switcher

A number of different templates for the site have been created, it is possible to switch between them all using the drop down list below.

The Choices are


Grey Green background with a series of boat pictures in the header, all boxes are square and have a navy outline.

Blue and Grey

A Modified version of the old scheme using some of the graphics and some of the colours from the previous site. Everything is in the same place as the Current Scheme

Carbon Round Boxes

A Black Carbon header box with subtle greys on a blue gradient background for the rest of the scheme. All the boxes have rounded corners. Things have been moved about a bit from the current scheme.

Dark Carbon

A Dark layout with light text using the Carbon header and a different logo. This layout has some blue buttons and features to brighten it up a bit.


Please give feedback on the different styles either here, direct to me search?q=phil_alderson&btnI=lucky or on the mailing list.

Small changes can be made quickly, and recommendations for different colours are welcome with the appropriate hex colour codes.

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