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Development Boats

  • 12 Foot Skiff Class (New Zealand) - Check out some of the videos on this site.
  • 12 Foot Skiff Class (NSW) - The Australian Twelve footer site. Often got some great photos.
  • 12 Foot Skiff Class (UK) - The UK Twelve footer site.
  • International Moth - A Cherub for lonelyhearts!
  • New Zealand R Class - Another Kiwi development class, the R is 3.9m (12'9“) with two trapezes and around the same sort of sail area as a UK rules Cherub. The “beginners guide” to R class sailing is strongly recommended as being highly applicable to Cherubs.
  • International 14 - Two trapeze development class, sailed mainly in UK, US, NZ and Australia.
  • International Canoe - Slender hull, sliding seat, and often nowadays an asymmetric spinnaker. A long and illustrious development history.
  • The Australian NS14 Sailing Dinghy - An interesting Aussie two-hander and close relation of the Tasar. (although another twenty years development makes the NS look quite different!)
  • New Zealand Javelin - skiff type, 14ft long, and, like the Cherub, founded by John Spencer. A very influential class in Antipodean dinghy development.
  • ++ Singlehander - designed and part built by a previous website editor, who's too heavy for a Moth!
  • National 12 - 12ft two person “sit on the side” UK based restricted class. No spinnaker.
  • 16 foot Skiffs - Three hander skiff class.
  • Flying Ants - A Johnm Spencer designed full-on skiff for juniors.

Sailing Sites

  • Bloodaxe Boats - Long time Cherub and Moth sailor Andy Paterson's company site has some tremendous material about his Cherub and Moth designs over the years, as well as commercial information about their foils, boats and Building plans for both Cherubs and Moths.
  • Murray, Burns & Dovell - Iain Murray has long been associated with the Cherub Class, having designed, among others, 1980 and 1995 Worlds Winning Boats.
  • Farr Yacht Design Ltd. - It's many years since 1970 Cherub World Champion Russ Bowler or Bruce Farr set their pens to designing a Cherub, but for those of you whose sailing has moved on to bigger and more expensive things this is their web site. On site biographies indicate how much importance they place in their early years in the NZ development classes like the Cherub.
  • Marten Yachts - 1972 World Champion Steve Marten started Marten Marine building small boats. They are now surely the world's premier large yacht builders, having built, amongst others, seven America's Cup yachts.
  • Bethwaite Design - 1976 World Champions Nicola and Julian Bethwaite are heavily involved in the business, which covers one design skiff types like the 59er, 49er and 29er as well as consultancy.
  • MacKay Boats - 1978 World Champion Dave Mackay's New Zealand company builds 49ers, 29ers and medal winning 470s.
  • Aussie Angels - 1976 World Champion Nicola Bethwaites campaign for the Yngling medal at the Athens Olympics.

Materials & Equipment Suppliers

  • Bloodaxe Boats - Builder of Superior Foils, boats and Building plans for both Cherubs and Moths.
  • Red Eye Sails - Sailmaker who made sails coming 1st and 2nd at the 2005 Nationals.
  • Aardvark Racing - New boats, foils and bits.
  • C-Tech New Zealand - Twelve footer and R Class Ace Alex Valling's company makes boats, spars and other carbon bits and pieces.
  • CST Composites - CST Composites from Australia design and manufacture a full range of filament wound carbon fiber tubing and are popular and successful spar makers in the Australian Cherubs.
  • Superspars - Superspars have been involved with Cherubs for years with a lot of Championship wins.
  • Proctor Masts - Proctors have also won a good number of Championships
  • SP Systems - Epoxy resins & other boat building materials.
  • Matrix Composite Materials - Long history of suplying materials to the class. Highly recomended.
  • Batt Sails - The Womble Man's brother has made many successful Cherub sails in recent decades.
  • Fastacraft - Australian Supplier of foils and other carbon parts.
  • C2Marine - Hand made extensions for the perfectionist.
  • - Suppliers of composite materials and tubing in the UK

Magazines & Information

  • Dinghy Sailing Magazine - The only magazine in the UK dedicated to Dinghy Sailing.
  • TheDailySail - Also featuring frequent news updates, and gives plenty of opportunities for on-line feedback.
  • Yachts and Yachting - Website for this sailing Magazine.
  • Breizhskiff - A Breton group promoting Skiff sailing in Brittany, France and the www. They love Cherubs!
  • Meira's Voyage Will Lee and Lucy McGavin (now Lee) went yachting around the Atlantic in a Wharram Catamaran in 2000 and 2001. Here's a diary.
  • Firebug 2.4 Sailing Dinghy - 8ft John Spencer designed training boat, good for homebuilding and with tons more “Beach Cred” than an Oppie!
  • Farr 3.7 (New Zealand) - The Farr 3.7 is a twelve foot trapeze singlehander. It bears a distinct relationship to Farr Cherubs - of that era which I think should make it a very pleasant boat to sail.
  • Sailshots Marine Photography - Have provided us with photos for this site.
  • Davas Design - Another supplier of photos for this site.
  • FluidFotos Marine Photography - Have also provided us with photos for this site.
  • FOTOACTION Sports and Action Photography (Australia) - Have also provided us with pics for the site.
  • Reed Books (NZ) - Book publishers (and sales). Thanks for permission to reproduce some of your material in the John Spencer page.
  • Norfolk Heritage Fleet Trust - And now for something completely different. The Trust owns and hires out a fleet of truly magnificent 1930s wooden yachts on the Norfolk Broads in the U.K. A week round the rivers in one of their boats makes for a a very pleasant and relaxing break. Mods from the original specification are minimal - oil lamps and no engine!
  • Surfers against Sewage - Much of our coastal water resembles a microbiological culture. SAS are an organised, responsible and effective pressure group doing something about it.
  • Total Coverage - Design Consultancy - These nice people are running the Cherub mailing list.
  • WB-Sails Ltd Oy - An interesting technical analysis of a number of aspects of sailboat rigs.
  • Clearthinking Creative - Our publicity officers business website and designer of UK Cherub website.

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