The Cherub has been in the UK for something over 40 years, and in existence as a class for nearly 50. As one of the most innovative of development classes we've seen a few changes over those years. The drawings are representative rather than consistently accurate in all respects, and my memory may well serve me false as regards some of the subtler details of foil profiles etc.

Sketch of 1965 Cherub

  • 1965 : 1365 Spencer 2 (modified) Design.

Typical UK rig of the mid 60s, with the original hull shape used in the UK, which is a late 1950s John Spencer (NZ) design. The triangular spinnaker was often cut asymmetrically with a luff and a leach. For some reason coloured sails, otherwise extremely unfashionable, were not uncommon in Cherubs at the time.

Sketch of 1974 Cherub

  • 1974 : KZ1982 Farr design.

The Australians and New Zealanders came to the 1974 worlds with the first fruits of the early 70s design revolution, and left the UK boats standing. The rig is representative, but the hull - probably the first Farr designed boat seen in the UK - is accurate. A larger jib and spinnaker than 1965.

Sketch of 1984 Boat

  • 1984 2626 Ellway 4 Design.

The rules on rig and hull shape were liberalised about this time, leading a less rule restricted boat. Instead of being measured separately the areas for mainsail and jib were combined, and a larger mainsail and smaller jib proved to be popular.

Sketch of 1991 Boat

  • 1991 2641 Italian Bistro Design.

Bowsprits were now allowed, which meant that the modern type of asymmetric spinnaker was practical. The Bistro was a breakthrough design giving much improved moderate wind performance.

Sketch of 1999 Boat

  • 1997 2676 Paterson 7 Design.

Sail area has been increased by about 10% over 1984. The bowsprit may now be supported by a snout, from which the jib can be set. Some boats are now using self tacking fully battened jibs and most boats have carbon masts.

All Drawings © Jim Champ Apologies if your boat is there and I've got the details wrong.

And just for fun, here's an animated.gif with each drawing following the next…

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