As Saturday 22nd August dawned 34 Cherub sailors made the journey to Mumbles Yacht Club for their National Championship. Questions were in the air as several unknowns were added to the mix from previous years with new helm/crew combinations and a second attempt at bringing a foiling boat to the event, but who would prevail? Reigning national champions Clive and Alex Everest in the now foiling A&E, Andrew and Jill Peters champions the year before and fast in the light, inland champions Paul Croote and Ed Higham famed for their speed in a blow or one of the newer combinations?

After a millpond forced postponement in the morning Race One began in sunshine, but very little wind with two distinct groups emerging quite quickly. Those who struggled to get off the line well were instantly punished hard, despite this all boats managed to have close racing but at the first mark a leading pack had emerged, Alex and Jonny Harris in Ronin had managed to pull off the first leg but had Andy and Jill on Usagi and Cool Beans under its new ownership of Dave Ching hot on their tail. With all three boats coming into the bottom gate at the same time on the first two laps they traded places several times and with the wind dropping further on the final lap a boat park appeared at the final windward mark with cherubs and 4000s alike getting stuck in what felt like doldrums. The winner was likely to be the first boat to emerge and it was Ronin that managed to clear the pack first with Cool Beans a close second, Simon and Dean on Eleanor managed to put their disagreements with light wind sailing to pass Usagi and take third. With no further wind in sight the race committee quickly decided that was enough and the fleet headed to for shore for the day and music night at the Yacht Club.

Day Two brought a little more breeze with a lack of the sunshine and as Usagi set about a good day at the office winning all three races, the rest of the fleet played snakes and ladders, up and down the leader board. With six boats taking top three finishes over the day, and no other boat than Usagi managing more than two podium places, the racing was very close all day. Once the scheduled three races were completed the tired crews retired to the shore to warm up with a meal at the local pub after sailing in the rain all day

Day three came and with the breeze building for the start of race 5 most boats had twin wiring conditions for the first time of the event. As the start gun fired one thing became apparent quite quickly, once Clive and Alex got A&E foiling she was seriously quick and instantly took advantage of the extra wind to quickly make tracks on the rest of the fleet and win the first race by a distance.

Foiling during the Cherub Nationals at Mumbles - photo © Colin Jenkins

With more wind Paul and Ed in Marmite found form and took second in their preferred conditions with Usagi rounding out the top three. The wind was shifting and varying in strength a lot through the day making it difficult to find the best route around the course and each race had a different winner. More good racing was had and with the race committee making up for lost races all four races were close, but as the day closed the results showed that the consistency of team Usagi had all but wrapped up the event, however the battle for second place was really on between Marmite, Cool Beans and Ronin with only two points separating them. That being that the only honourable thing to do at this point in time was to go and get a curry then dress up in some very questionable outfits that bear resemblance to one's boat names, massive shout out to those that really pushed the boat out with the outfits, it made for an very entertaining and slightly worrying evening. Yes Banshee and Shinny we mean you!

The final day saw a lot of breeze, gladly the 40 knot forecast didn't happen so racing was possible and while the windy and wavy conditions scared off some 8 boats took off the line in the brisk conditions, sadly only 7 made the finish as /Jamie and Rosie in Shiny Beast managed to snap their rudder blade on the second downwind leg and, with others swimming of their own accord, it was Marmite that took line honours with Usagi in second and Ronin took third. With the overall results decided and the wind and waves getting towards damaging conditions (enough 'bounce' to break the committee boat off anchor) most boats headed ashore, but one last race took place for the hardy. Class President Nick in Cheese Before Bedtime having a storming race in the building wind conditions to take the win from the local Mumbles lads in Fuzzy Logic. Subtle Knife managed to finish in third despite breaking the top section of its mast on the last leg, she managed to get through the line sailing on jib alone, at this point the wind was deemed excessive and all boats retreated to dry land.

So with the results completed and all the boats packed away it was time to head home, but there were prizes to be given out, After winning the series, in truth be told a quite convincing manner, Andy and Jill Peters on Usagi took home the Simpson Trophy and Ladies Teapot as 2015 Cherub National Champions. The Rosebowl was awarded To Paul and Ed for their excellent performance to end up in second, the LOSSC Plaque went to Jonny and Alex in Ronin for finishing in third. Dave Ching and Hayley Trim in Cool Beans won the Nick Mason for being most improved boat after climbing a long way up the leader board since their last appearance and the Ashes were awarded to Shiny Beast for the total T-foil Devastation caused that day. The spanking paddle went to Eddie Briddle for his late night escapades involving traffic cones and The Davey was awarded to Roland and Jay for some of their spectacular swimming action from the week. The prize for persistent underperformance – the Didgeridon't was awarded to A&E for the foils that while clearly worked in the right conditions didn't turn out to be a world beater across the wind range this time round. Ade Whites's work rebuilding Fuzzy Logic was rewarded with a full set of results and the Pre De-Elegance trophy and the first 97 boat was awarded to Andy Horsley for his excellent sailing Eva Dexoff.

Usagi wins the Cherub Nationals at Mumbles - photo © Colin Jenkins

Once again the class would like to put in a massive thanks to Mumbles Yacht Club for running the event and the 4000 fleet for joining us and helping to make it possible. I believe I speak for everyone when I say it was a thoroughly enjoyable event and the people there were beyond helpful and happy to see us. I would also like to add in a massive thanks both to the people who helped organise the event and those who either lent or trailed boats around the country to help get as many boats as possible out on the water. The last thanks I'd like to thank is to all those who don't normally sail Cherubs but came down to have a go anyway, it was great to see new faces and I hope you caught the bug.

Cherub Nationals at Mumbles - photo © Colin Jenkin

Pos Sail No Boat Name Helm Crew Club R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10 Pts
1st 3202 Usagi Yojimbo Andrew Peters Jill Peters Queen Mary ‑4 1 1 1 3 2 2 1 2 (DNC) 13
2nd 3212 Marmite Paul Croote Edward Higham Chew Valley Lake ‑6 6 2 2 2 5 1 5 1 (DNC) 24
3rd 2698 Ronin Jonny Harris Alex Harris Dee 1 2 7 4 ‑8 4 4 3 3 (DNC) 28
4th 3214 Cool Beans David Ching Hayley Poole 2 3 3 6 5 1 7 2 (DNC) (DNC) 29
5th 3208 Eleanor Dean Ralph Simon Jones Isle of Sheppy 3 7 4 5 4 6 6 4 (DNC) (DNC) 39
6th 3204 Riot Van Eddie Bridle Joseph WHite Draycote Water 5 4 5 3 6 7 9 7 (DNC) (DNC) 46
7th 2645 Cheese Before Bedtime Nick Pratt Joanna Hutchinson Hayling Island 9 9 9 9 ‑11 9 ‑11 10 4 1 60
8th 2675 Fuzzy Logic Dan Herbert‑Evans Tommy Coode Mumbles 7 10 10 ‑13 ‑13 13 5 11 5 2 63
9th 2676 The Shiny Beast Jamie Pearson Rosie WIlliamson Draycote Water 8 5 6 7 14 8 8 8 (DNF) (DNC) 64
10th 3216 Poppy Roland Trim Jay Williamson Thornbury 12 14 11 10 9 ‑15 3 9 7 (DNC) 75
11th 3201 Banshee Ambulance Robin Jones Isaac Marsh Draycote Water 14 8 12 8 7 10 10 6 (DNF) (DNC) 75
12th 2693 Subtle Knife Eleanor Craig Joshua Haynes Staunton Harold 13 11 8 12 12 ‑14 12 (DNS) 6 3 77
13th 3215 A+E Clive Everest Alex Everest Hayling Island 11 (OCS) (DNF) DNS 1 3 DNF DNC DNC DNC 105
14th 3213 EJ Andrew Whapshott Bruce Ryall Plymouth Uni 15 12 14 11 10 11 (DNF) (DNS) DNC DNC 109
15th 2685 Anthony Harvey Josh Burgess Mumbles 10 13 13 14 (DNC) (DNC) DNC DNC DNC DNC 122
16th 2661 Eva Dexoff Andy Horsley Holly Sykes Sidmouth (DNF) 15 16 16 15 12 (DNF) DNC DNC DNC 128
17th 2651 Strangely Brown Mike Mansfield James Curtis Swansea University (DNS) 16 15 15 (DNF) DNC DNC DNC DNC DNC 136
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