2011 Day 2

Light winds and weed hit the Solent

Day 2 of the UK Cherub nationals dawned drizzly and with light and shifty winds.

Race 1 saw close racing and considerable place changes while crews tried to find the best areas of wind, tide and weed free areas of the race course. Eventually rounding the top mark first was Graham and Eddie Bridle in Riot Van followed by Phil and Sarah Kirk in E-Numbers and then Andy and Jill Peters in Usagi who after the second lap fell to 4th with 3rd taken by Paul Croote and Maff Kiddle.

Race 2 started in ever dwindling wind and strong tide making getting away from the line difficult. First to the top mark was Any and Gill Peters in Usagi with the guile of the Dave Roe and Wendy Barclay in 2nd in the Pasta Frenzy with 97 rules sails ! The race shortened to one lap gave Phil and Sarah Kirk the necessary motive to find blistering pace and pull out a second, demoting Dave Roe to 3rd.

Ben Butler and Claire Allen in the old rule “Slippery when wet” also performed well in the testing conditions.

With very little wind and a strong Solent tide, Race 3 was postponed to be sailed later in the series.

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