UK-Cherub Class

Get Your Heart Racing

1975 Cherub U.K. National Championships

Grafham Water S.C.

There is a newsletter report which states “I have the feeling it is not everyone's wish to have an in depth, blow by blow account of the Nationals” and then goes on to discuss points and discards and not mention the sailing. Maybe you had to be there? It seems to have been a predominantly light airs event with two races sailed in a moderate breeze.

Overall Placings

Place Helm Name Sail No Design Club
1 Dave Finch Kipper 2150 CSIII QMRSC
2. Chris Forman Tachyon 2345 Forman 6 PSC
3. Tony Hows Peanuts 2350 Forman 4d mod QMRSC
4. Robert Thomson QMRSC
5. Roger Paddey
6. Tim Powell
7. Bill Deeley
8. John Masters Art'o'Dob 1652 Spencer 7
9. Simon Kerr
10. Brian Cooper

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