Cherub National Championships 1972 – Teignmouth S.C.

Transcribed by Neil C from the original report by R.W.A Paddey published in Yachts & Yachting

Gordon Williams and Alec Hodgson from the Royal Victoria Y.C. sailing their modified Forman 4 “Tickityboo” became Cherub National Champions and winners of the Simpson Cup at Teignmouth from a fleet of forty boatsat the end of August.

The first race was held in the estuary due to the fact that the prevailing wind over the weekend had built up a heavy groundswell over the bar making sailing to and from the course dangerous. “Tickityboo” made a very good start and reading the windshifts correctly arrived at the windward mark first, a position that she held throughout the race despite being challenged strongly at one point by Tony & Jill Howes in “Coarctation”.

Wednesday’s first race was sailed at sea in a brisk Force 5 and was won by Lollipop (travelling at quite a lick) sailed by Brian Vincent and Francis Smith from Harwich Town SC followed by Marcus Moore and James Bond in “Aeotearoa”, “Coarctation” and “Tickityboo” having been for a swim whilst lying second and third and eventually finishing twentieth and ninth respectively, results which were to have a considerable effect on the final placings.

After the class AGM the third race was sailed in the evening, the wind having dropped and left a nasty swell. “Coarctation” rounded the windward mark first slightly ahead of “Tickityboo” who took the lead on the ensuing run and sailed away to win by a handsome margin from “Coarctation” and “Lollipop”.

Two races were scheduled for Thursday and the morning race was sailed in a relatively steady Force 2. “Coarctation” again arrived at the windward mark first but this time made no mistake and sailed on to win with ease. “Tickityboo” rounded in fifth position and fought very hard to pass three boats and finish second ahead of Chris Forman and Danny Stewart in “Jamstrangler” who had been sailing consistently all week. Thursday afternoon’s race was abandoned on the second leg much to the chagrin of the leader, Bill Cooke and due to lack of wind and Friday’s race was out of the question because of the conditions on the bar. Thus the points were totalled on the results of the four races sailed.

Place Helm Boat Name Design Club
1 Gordon Williams Tickityboo Forman 4c R.V.Y.C.
2. Brian Vincent Lollipop Jennifer Julian H.T.S.C.
3. Chris Forman Jamstrangler Forman 4 P.S.C.
4. Tony Hows Coarctation Caisley/Steele 3 Q.M.S.C.

Tickityboo sported a fully battened Seahorse main on a Holt mast with Anderson jib and Spinnaker. Lollipop was powered by a set of fully battened Dolphin Sails (of course) on a Proctor Mast. Jamstrangler used a loose-footed Anderson main with the addition of a Pederson chute from down under and a 17/8“ Needlespar. Coarctation, the only CSIII at the Champs, had a full set of Seahorse sails on a Holt mast.

Original report by R.W.A Paddey.

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